Ohio Goes Into Curfew Just In time for the Holidays

Mike DeWine’s Curfew In Ohio

Beginning Thursday 19 November 2020 an 8 PM to 5 AM curfew will take effect and last 21 days.

The purpose is to slow the spread of the corona/covid-19 virus.

The decision was based on a continuing increase in virus cases per day, with the last day before it was half over, registering at over 7000 new cases – that’s in less than one day in the state of Ohio.

I don’t know what reasoning they used to determine that a curfew during the sleeping hours of most people would have much of an impact on the spread of the disease.

  • I’m comfortable calling it a disease, since many people experience long term symptoms even long after the virus is supposedly gone – some of them debilitating.

And I’m not sure how it will affect air travel in and out of Ohio if it will at all.

Grocery stores and pharmacies will be open past curfew. Restaurants and bars can stay open past 10 PM for take out food and drink. Delivery services will be operational during that time.

Governor DeWine laid it out this way: As the number of virus cases increase, including those people who don’t show symptoms but can still infect other people, the number of people whose paths you might cross who have the virus will increase commensurately, putting everybody at a higher risk.

TAFC ClipBoard:

By putting a curfew into affect for 7 hours per day, it shortens the window where people can go about their business, meaning a greater number of people will be corralled into a shorter time span, which will increase their risk of contracting the virus by the sheer numbers of exposure. It’s like concentrating the ‘spread’ effect into fewer hours with the same number of people.

Given that reality I’m guessing that the curfew measures taken, although not effective, will startle many people into taking this virus and the spread of it more seriously than before, which will result in more mask-wearing, and distancing.

Nothing really has been shut down yet, and nobody wants to see that happen, so wear your mask, don’t gather with friends and family over the holidays, or if you do, save the hugging for some other time – and don’t drink out of other people’s glasses.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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