RE: NBA’s social currency is gone after national anthem decision

TAFC ClipBoard: Goodwill says himself it’s about money. Sports is a product. What happened to all the black vegans that surfaced during the riots, claiming if white people joined their camp, they’d stop eating animals? Did they? Lots of white people joined the riots and lots of black people claiming to be vegan still eat animals.

Is anybody selling animal-free food products at stadiums?

Are there plans for the balls used for sport been transitioned into animal-free balls and equipment? Anybody talking about it yet?

None of what black people promised vegans materialized. So their word is not their bond.

I’m all for retiring the National Anthem at sporting events. It doesn’t belong there.

Sports and war don’t mix. Sports and military don’t mix. Everybody has a flag. Fly it over the stadiums. A flag doesn’t have words, but trust that black people will find something anti-black in everybody’s flag.

Blacks used the National Anthem to divide people, in this country and around the world. Blacks brought their hatred for anything White into the sports arenas for the purpose of disrupting the minds of the fans watching the games. To what end?

It was a quick scam – nobody had to do the laborious work of volunteering to help the needy – to get money for their favorite black charities. Do they actually have favorites?

Somehow that doesn’t fit their profile – giving. Their handlers must have set up the appearance of concern for those less fortunate than the players.

Vincent Goodwill sounded high and drunk. In the past, this piece would have been sent back for further work, but because this person is of African heritage his publishers lowered the bar? You tell me.

Goodwill confirmed the stereotypes that Black Africans have relentlessly tried to squash by claiming, in print, for the entire world to see: the nation’s most prominent Black Americans are NBA players.

• Supporting quote: the nation’s most prominent Black Americans — NBA players —… You figure out the rest. The most prominent black Americans get paid millions of dollars for throwing a ball around.

Frankly I think our National Anthem should be about pride of belonging to a nation, however flawed. All nations are flawed. Somehow Goodwill doesn’t think America should be and that it’s only white people who make it flawed.

Why should BLACK LIVES MATTER be painted over every court? It sounds like they’re taking over the minds of white people by forcing them to view who matters most – up close and personal, so they can’t look away. It sinks in. It’s a visual trick. It’s mind-control. Nowhere else on the court is any other group represented.

Everybody acts like poor white people don’t exist.

Well sure, blacks matter most to blacks, and whites matter most to whites as is the same with all groups. But declaring superiority, by representing only black people is unacceptable in a country comprised of multiple races and ethnicities.

“We feel that their voices need to be respected and heard, because they have not been.”

• I’ve been hearing loud black voices my entire life – they never stop screaming. Those are the only voices in America that I have ever heard – except for the silent voices of those being enslaved, tortured and slaughtered 365 days a year. Every year.

“The lyrics, the problematic subsequent verses we never hear about, don’t have Black people in mind. The same Black people who create the revenue for themselves and other rich folks to get richer from.”

• So this Goodwill guy thinks about the color of the person he works for and whom all black people work for? Well, if he wants a black majority that creates a black majority among company owners, he has to live in a country with a greater than ten percent black people population. So where’s his logic going except to vent his own anger and to fire up his black viewership to keep this hatred going?

• His focus isn’t on his job performance or the job itself; it’s on the color of the face who hired him?

• He talks about rich whites, but not rich blacks. Why not? Because he discriminates against the entire white race, holding them all responsible for the woes and comfort level of black Africans. Where do Africans come in and hold themselves responsible for their own woes?

“fans who pick their noses or are late arriving or in luxury suites getting their second cocktail”

• Who’s he talking about here? All white people? You mean black fans don’t pick their noses, arrive late and watch the game from luxury suites on their second cocktail?

“But Silver could’ve told the fans, “You will be fine. You don’t come to the game to hear the national anthem. You come to see these amazing athletes and to commune in ways you haven’t been able to in over a year.”

“There was no “Black Lives Matter” on floors this season, and not even a milquetoast saying like “Education Reform” on the backs of jerseys.

• I’m not sure if he wants the Anthem or doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want America the Beautiful either. He’s worried about the stanzas that nobody sings or even knows.
• I think he wants the Anthem as is and sung at every game with black lives matter painted over the court with the names of black people shot while in the commission of a crime by white (not black) police officers. Where’s the justice there? Cops kill all races, but they only care about theirs?

He wants justice, meaning revenge expressed by burning cities, or an arrest, a charge, trial, conviction, sentence of white police officers. He aligns with those who want to control law enforcement and the courts by controlling the verdict and the sentencing.

He could also say about the missing BLACK LIVES BANNER ON THE COURT, You will be fine. You don’t come to the game to see the black lives matter banner. You come to see these amazing athletes and to commune in ways you haven’t been able to in over a year.”

Vincent Goodwill unwittingly, or not, exposed his own black racism and prejudice against ninety percent of America and perpetuated the stereotypes that black Africans object to by raising their cords, their fists and flame throwers so the world can see, hear and feel their collective consternation. They forget the part of feeling the pain that black people impose upon them through these violent actions. What right does any group have to intentionally inflict pain onto others?

I think the world has heard enough of that style of violent voices – a style of terrorism that destroys lives. How many lives will be enough? It will never be enough as long as white people have money.

Sports brings people together – all people. Sports shouldn’t be reduced to a race, an ethnic, gender, socio-economic or a religious war. Negotiations for peace? In sports?

Sporting events need to be a safe place. These events cannot be designed to hurt people. They cannot be a venue exploited by terrorists that make the fans feel uncomfortable – like the Jews do with their holocaust museums and the Blacks do with their slavery museums.

Stadiums are not places to test social engineering tactics on people.

There needs to be a place where activism is off limits – unless one wants no rest from the feelings of discomfort when they’re having fun or no rest from the feelings of terror as they applaud their team if they’re seen supporting a team that the opposing fans hate. There are two teams out there. Stop inserting your hatred into the mix.

Those feelings of discomfort and terror in addition to the apprehension surrounding the CORONACOVID is what Goodwill suggests he’s going to miss, by wanting to keep the Anthem, so black people can essentially spit on it in full view of the world, and keep the BLM signs that keep white people in the state of fear remembering the burning of cities and terror raining down on them by black people.

That’s not what sports are about – extorting one race to give another race more than their share when compared to other equally positioned people within other races. Keep the allocation of social benefits out of sports arenas. If not, then when and where to equally impoverished groups have their say? there are fourteen million white people living below the poverty line in America. Poverty is not a black issue.

Don’t be telling white people or any ethnicity or gender what they should feel about anything. Don’t tell the world your situation is the worst, because it isn’t even close. Not in America.

By forcing the world to view your hardship, to the exclusion of everybody else’s, at sporting events where all groups are represented is clear cut racial discrimination perpetuated by black people in America.

Anybody can find fault with the song, any song. And I can understand why people whose ancestors were sold by their families to work as slaves on plantations in foreign countries might not like the song, especially the parts that most people have never seen. Ask people on the street. They don’t have a clue.

Goodwill says he’s not represented in that song.

Well, neither am I represented in all the songs written by and sung by black people, that I was forced to listen to my whole life on the radio, on television, in restaurants and lounges, taverns, yeah, even at sporting events. I didn’t feel represented in any of those songs and still don’t. Yet those were mainstream America songs, popular even when they here hate-filled, especially toward women. I fell for it like everybody else. Now I feel betrayed, like everybody else.

For those who thought they were singing to you, singing your song, they weren’t. They were hating you all the while they sang. That’s the cold truth.

The Anthem in comparison pales so much it disappears on the statistically significant scale.

So why pick a song that people rarely hear or that they even more rarely, if ever, sing for your activism campaign against white people? They don’t know what you’re talking about. Nobody knows the words. Or are you just talking to a very small minority of influential rich people in this column, trying to change their minds by playing the victim?

You have a job as a writer who gets paid. I’ve been writing most of my life and never received a dime for it, so you looking for pity for all black people by trashing songs the majority don’t even know, or care to know, falls on deaf ears.

Let’s talk about those violent black rap songs about white women. Songs written in recent history whereby they’re not even classified as being historical yet. Let’s talk about the message black men send to other black men in their songs on what to do with white women. “Lay The White Bitch Open”?

Regarding the Anthem – it’s part of history. We learn from the past. If we erase it as if it never happened, where does that leave black people right now? When you erase white history, you erase black history, at least the history that occurred after the first African slave arrived in America. And because Blacks keep drawing that history into the present for the purpose of exploiting white people, then their current history will be erased with it.

Blacks in America want their own flag. They want to fly independently, but be financed by the local, state and federal coffers. That’s where you cross a line into scam territory and everybody sees it.

Loyalty isn’t the strong suit of black Americans – not the ones making the loudest noise, so what would a flag mean to them? How would it make their lives different?

Truth be told, America gave every individual here a title that everyone else in the world covets. You can call yourself an American. Yes, you can be proud of a flawed country. What country isn’t? What group, family, individual isn’t flawed?

If my ancestors hadn’t come to Canada and the USA I’d be in one of over a dozen countries (all other variables remaining the same). I’d rather be here.

When you’re there, meaning elsewhere, and you’re in a bit of trouble and need rescuing, when you see that American flag show up on somebody’s helmet or jacket, you’ll know what freedom tastes like. You’ll understand why Americans and every country love their flag – through thick and thin. Politicians don’t make a country; the people do. Many Americans and families going way back know that story. Trampling on your own country’s flag because you don’t like it and you want one of your own makes enemies not friends.

Not everyone can be rich in a democracy. Why am I living in public housing? I’m white. All white people in this building know who rules and it isn’t them. So who are you really talking about and to whom?

In the end, no matter your status, you’re still an American. Fly with that Vincent Goodwill. It looks like you already did.


“It was innovative, inspirational, and even if the envelope could’ve been pushed further, there was social currency Silver gained among the players and even the public for the encouragement of employees to be heard.”

No employees or workers voices were heard nor received benefit in any other sector, except those making millions of dollars playing sports, by the reign of terror committed against white people by black people in America.

• Did anyone ever confront LeBron James for beating up his workers for poor performance after losing a game? Violence in the workplace is okay with you, as long as it’s black on black?

Suddenly Goodwill sums up the attack on white Americans as being about working conditions, when in the beginning it was about white cops killing unarmed black people. How about those working conditions under Lebron James self-appointed King of basketball? Nothing to say?

How about a sign on the court floor that reads: PUNCHING KIDS IN THE HEAD CAUSES LEARNING PROBLEMS

Goodwill is already attempting to change the history, by changing the narrative, continuing to pit two races against each other, because according to his story, this war will never be over until black Americans either reign or raise their flag aside the American flag in every public building.

Which African flag will it be? The fist, the African continent, a black face? Shades of black?

Blacks want whites to care more about black people than white people and that is never going to happen. Nor should it. Nobody expects black people to care more about white people than they do black people. It’s all about familiarity and comfort – for all peoples and groups.

Blacks need to stop their terror campaign that includes turning White against White. What’s the matter, not all of the ten percent support domestic terrorism? Looks like it. If Whites weren’t in the groups rioting, would the Blacks alone have been as successful in their reign of terror?

Did all this hate get poor black people any more social benefits than they already had? If so, then at whose cost? Poor white people? It looks like all that happened, was rich black people got rich white people to accept rich black peoples’ responsibility to those poor in their own group. How telling is that?

What Goodwill means by, ‘NBA’s social currency is gone after national anthem decision’, is that at least in that regard Blacks won’t be able to exploit whites for actions they had no part in centuries ago.

It looks like Blacks went too far too long, just as the Jews did with the their perpetual assignment of blame for their holocaust directed toward people who weren’t even born yet when it happened.

What Goodwill calls ‘social currency’ cost Americans billions of dollars that went up in flames along with a multitude of lives ruined, not just in the summer of 2020, but for decades, this penchant for burning cities has gone unchecked.

Somebody calls that success. That’s a problem. Touch down.

Yahoo Sports

Vincent Goodwill
Wed, February 10, 2021, 7:27 PM

NBA’s social currency is gone after national anthem decision

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