RE: Super Bowl Ad For M&M’s – ever wonder why there are no white M&M’s?

Two people eating M&M’s a boy and a girl:

“Sorry for calling you Karen.

My name is Karen.

Sorry your name is Karen”.

Sorry your name is Karen is like saying sorry your name is nigger. Karen is now a gender and racial slur manufactured from hate by the people who hate white women. It might as well have been an ad for Skittles with two black people in it.

Sorry for calling you nigger.

My name is nigger.

Sorry your name is nigger.

  • Walk into any predominately black bar in Cleveland late at night and everybody is calling everybody else nigger. Hey nigger,…everybody looks up and whoever the person who said it is looking at, that person responds. They all have the same name and are perfectly comfortable with it. The reason they do that is to make themselves anonymous in case there are any police undercover at the bar.

Who creates a gender racial slur out of a movie character? Somebody perhaps who wants to increase movie sales?

For example: He’s a Dahlmer or a Jeffrey? Dahlmer I can see, but not Jeffrey. Jeffrey isn’t specific enough not to offend innocent people. Too many people have the same name.

Why do I immediately think of British when I wonder who started using the name Karen as a gender racial slur? Because the British don’t care who they offend.

  • Otherwise they wouldn’t have invaded and occupied ninety percent of the inhabited world, and even though they eventually left, they maintained a significant control over their governments and actions. It’s sort of like leaving home; Mom and Dad never really leave you. They still exert control even if they’re not around – even if they’re dead.

Did anybody do that with anybody else’s name? Think about the consequential prejudice and discrimination of using a person’s name whom many people share, rather than a more appropriate adjective to describe a cautious individual in a disparaging way.

No they didn’t think of consequences; they thought they were being clever, cute, naughty all at once. People who didn’t even see the movie know it’s a gender racial slur toward ignorant white rich women.

  • Ever notice how British characterize their meanness by calling it naughty, downplaying its significance to child’s play? They’ll approach you like a child, then it’s off with your head by the hidden ax behind their back.

Now every time someone hears the name Karen or somebody referring to someone as a Karen they think of an ignorant white rich woman – or at least a bitch.

So no one can call someone a bitch and get away with it, black people claiming that’s what white people call black people, when in reality, that’s what black men call black women – female dogs. That’s not a racial slur, that’s a species slur.

Do we need to assign a common women’s name to a trait or a condition? Why, except to disrespect all women and in particular all women named Karen?

The use of the name Karen did not come from a movie. It came from someone who stereotyped white rich women based on a character called Karen in a movie. Only now they’re including middle class white women as also rich.

Mean-spirited is what it is. Why do British think calling people disparaging names is funny?

Do they think nigger is funny? They started that too. Look where that went.

I doubt if many people will be naming their girl babies Karen in the future.

The damage thoughtless people do to others is staggering. Maybe we should find the name of the person who first used the name Karen as a disparaging word and use that name to describe a mean-spirited bigot.

Not all bigots are mean spirited. In fact, if the world had to choose between one or the other, they would choose the bigot over the mean one, since the mean one intends to do harm.

You can be sure that the one intending harm harbors bigoted views that they don’t want you to see.

In a BBC article, the Brits essentially put it on the black Africans in America having originated the term. However, their explanations were far too complicated for average American thought – black or white.

This is a British born strategy, whether born in British America or Britain.

Wherever they say it came from, and the fact that the Brits don’t seem to know suggests it came from them, it is an intentionally created gender racial slur against white rich and middle class women. I don’t know where they put the poor white women, maybe in Africa.

  • In the BBCs bigoted, by the way, article the writer clumps white middle class women who are actively engaged in the lives of their family and their safety and well-being as privileged, blurring lines between rich white women and white women living in the middle class, which in THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF’S VIEW served to enlarge their target base of hate directed at all white women.

One could derive differences between white and black women and how they raise their families from this drive by black women, and the British acting on black women’s behalf, to humiliate white women for their familial behaviors and habits.

Black women use screams, threats and fists, while white women call the cops. Black women don’t call the cops, because they don’t want attention drawn to their husbands, boyfriends, children, the neighborhood in general and whatever illegal activity people may be involved in, or because they have clandestine deals with the cops or because they hate the cops. Street justice is their way.

  • One could also say that it’s about defunding police and wanting white women on board with them to influence the white men in efforts to either eliminate or reduce the power of law enforcement and empty the prisons of black people (the ones they choose). They want to make their own rules/laws and let their own communities handle difficulties as they arise. Like the Mafia. They designate people within their group to become their protectors.

The strategists saw a dynamic to exploit between black and white women, keeping the men out of it. Black women essentially calling white women sissies while Madison Avenue and the movie industry capitalized on it.

  • Black women don’t like white women who ask to speak to the manager at a store or who call the police when harassed or feel threatened according to BBC News.

Although nigger refers to both men and women, Karen refers to only white women. Ken was introduced as the male equivalent to Karen, but it didn’t catch on. That someone tried to make it catch on proves it’s all manufactured.

So ruining lives over somebody calling a person nigger, who is defined as an ignorant black person, is racist, but calling a white woman the equivalent of nigger (Karen), that the Brits now say the black people authored, is not racist.

If black people are now inventing racially charged nicknames for white people they better be prepared for some backlash, at least equivalent to the backlash created by black people over white people using racial slurs in the past, that the blacks keep dredging up – names they call themselves by the way. White people don’t call themselves Karen unless that’s their legal name.

That black people are doing this at the behest of the British in real time in 2020-2021 should prove to the world once and all who is behind all this nicknaming and racial slurring: the British and the Africans.

My question is why do black women care how white women get on in their lives? Different strokes for different folks? Remember? Isn’t that their line? The name of a black-centered T.V. show? It sounds like blacks are picking away at the way white women do things in their private lives.

Black women hate white women’s hair, their color, the way they talk, walk, raise their families, what they eat…it never ends. Criticizing the way white people do things is their thing, the thing they do – incessantly. If anyone is being unreasonably prejudicial here it’s the black women toward the white women. It’s not their business to mess with their culture, especially when black people burn cities when you mess with theirs.

But to create a racial slur out of a common predominantly white person’s first name, and use it openly against all white women is racist with malice.

For M&M to capitalize on it doesn’t surprise me, since they’re so backwards they still use milk in their candies from enslaved, tortured cows who are brutally slaughtered for their hides when they dry up. Black people like that. Black people don’t like it when white people call the cops on them when they feel intimidated. And black people do a lot of intimidating of white people in a lot of ways.

How would black people know anything about white people asking to speak to the manager when they have an issue at the store? What are they doing, following them? Are they harassing them? That’s what managers are there for – to settle disputes should they arise. Or answer questions.

  • It seems black people want to shame white people into not calling for assistance when they need it. That’s predatory behavior, to disarm the enemy you hate, so you can inflict discomfort and pain without consequences.
  • Black women prefer the street justice way, white women prefer to let the trained professionals handle it.

Whatever characteristics, behaviors or traits of white women that were the reason for creating a word to single white women out in a disparaging way, it is now a full blown racial gender slur against white women, used whenever someone wants to express disapproval or disgust with someone they don’t like, and do it in a very public way. Probably over time it’s use will generalize to any color, any gender for any biased reason.

The surprise conclusion derived from the process is that British and Africans are disgruntled spreaders of hate using nicknames to humiliate people into submitting to their way. Bullies in other words.They have low tolerance levels for the ways of other people’s cultures, spending inordinate and inappropriate amounts of time making fun of people not like them.

  • They’re not talking about beatings, rape and murder – accepted cultural practices in the black community. They’re talking about calling the police; white people snitching on black people when they feel threatened, whether it’s in a store or on the street – especially by white women who aren’t as physically aggressive toward black women as black women are toward them.

Plus somebody made a load of money off the whole thing in the movie industry by humiliating white women. Wonder who got their cut?

What exactly is a ‘Karen’ and where did the meme come from?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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