After receiving no satisfaction from Facebook on being allowed to respond to their banning actions, except to say I disagreed, I saw a support tab where I could make a complaint to be used by Facebook to better their service – nothing to do with the ban. It was a separate location for complaints.

This was the gist of what I wrote:

‘I’ve had a massive attack on my Facebook page and profile, most of which I was able to delete, then you banned me for 3 days, without appeal, like this is a court and I’m being denied due process.

I can easily do without Facebook, but you need to be fair. I did not engage with any of the attackers.

Even after I was banned you allowed them back in to verbally assault me again. I have a right to my views. The posts referred to were from Word Press. But they attacked multiple posts and there were some pretty gruesome threats.

I never once called anybody a name, like I said I didn’t engage.

They attacked me en masse, knowing that it would appear like my posts were inciting them, when that was their strategy to take me down, because they don’t want my voice to be heard.’

The only voice allowed is theirs. They know that Facebook will remove anybody who incites people, so they feign incitement, by flash commenting their hatred toward an individual. Their language was despicable. Facebook said they reviewed it and agreed with them.


I woke up to the carnage this morning. It took me hours to remove all the hate comments.

I wasn’t even on Facebook when it happened, which means it was a planned attack against my first amendment rights. Facebook took mine away, and gave the attackers free reign. I’ve seen the same scenario in multiple cities in the USA where attackers were allowed to unleash their hatred onto people with impunity.

Given that the attack was personal and given that many of the commenters appeared familiar with my writing, it is my view that the attack was orchestrated by Black Lives Terrorists and the British Antifa supporters.

They targeted my profile picture and individual posts on the animal-free chef page.They simultaneously went to my profile page and used a lot of frowns and laughter on multiple posts, then accessed my messages.

They also went to my YouTube and Twitter accounts to continue the attack. Also my Word Press account.

They also gained access to my home telephone number and evidently while the attack was in progress tried to call me numerous times. I immediately deleted them. Just before the phone rang, it started signaling multiple notifications from Facebook, so I put the phone on silent mode as the phone instructed me to do in another notification.

Now for three days that I’m banned, the attackers are already continuing their hate-filled spree. All name-calling and shaming using multiple slurs. Yet, to Facebook that is appropriate.

One of the posts that was in question was a news story on a black father beating his two sons while waiting at a train or bus stop.

If this is the British answer to making the world a better place, then the British lost.

If this is the African answer to making the world a better place, then the Africans lost.

They both lost when they worked in tandem to plan the attack.

P.S. MADISON AVENUE must not have liked my article on criticizing their M&Ms SUPER BOWL AD regarding the gender and racial slur, KAREN. That was one of the posts taken down. Money talks. It got 614 views and rising.

Looking back now, there were some comments that now make me think those posts were paid for ads. I didn’t pay for any ads. A few years ago I paid for one animal rights ad and was slaughtered for it. That’s not something I would do again.

Frankly, I was shocked that they went to the animal-free page, since there’s hardly any activity there. It just acts as a depository for my Word Press articles, since Facebook stopped allowing Word Press to post articles in the news feed of profile pages a while ago.

The attackers knew that on an ads page advertisers don’t like anything controversial on the sites. But since I wasn’t taking out any ads, then what’s the problem; the posts just sit there. One commenter even said I could have used my money a bit better, but I didn’t know what she meant. I wasn’t able to respond to the comment.

If somebody paid for an ad on my site, then I have a right to know who, and if someone didn’t, then I’d have to suspect that someone employed by Facebook circulated my posts on behalf of Black Lives and Antifa – they have people everywhere waiting for an opportunity to exploit someone. Maybe they think I have a bunch of money.

Any time I look at that Bull Market Kitchen page, most posts don’t get put in other people’s feeds, and some show 1-2 people can see it in their feed. It doesn’t mean it’s viewed.

Quite a while ago Facebook locked me out of my regular Facebook account until I opened an ads page claiming I was a business. I protested, because I’m not selling anything, but they didn’t budge, so in order to get into my regular Facebook account I had to design another site on a Facebook page – The Animal-Free Chef. They wanted me to pay for people to see my work, but when I did, like I say, I was slaughtered. It wasn’t controversial, but Facebook said I needed to declare it was political, which I did.

There were so many posts corrupted with filth and insults meant to render me hopeless and drive people away from the site, so I closed that page and opened another one called Bull Market Test Kitchen.

And here I am – slaughtered again, when I didn’t even take out an ad. If I delete the page, they’ll freeze my regular Facebook account.

I’m not selling anything, so why the need for a Facebook ads page?

Now I have to think about my options and freedom of speech concerns. If Facebook looked at it, like they said they did, then they’d have to see the awful names I was called – gender and racial slurs. How Facebook could justify the attack and the hateful slurs against well-written educational articles on race and gender might have to be litigated in a real court room to find the real answers.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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