A Bitter Pill

I taste Monsanto in my produce.

My limes are too bitter, strong bitter.

My cabbage boils two hours and it’s still rubbery. It’s taking forever to boil potatoes, so I’m not any more.

My lettuce looks crisp on the outside and rotted in the middle.

My tomato skins texture like plastic. My salad is gone, yet those red skins remain in my mouth until I delicately remove them so they don’t stick to my esophagus while forcing to swallow them, because I’m in a restaurant and don’t want to spit them into my napkin.

My sweet red peppers have skin like plastic too.

My apples have skins so thick I have to peel them.

My grapefruits don’t look the same or taste the same inside.

My bananas, forget it. I haven’t had a normal one in months.

What’s this leading to? Everything gets put into a blender? Digestion beings in the mouth and with the chew. But this is too much chew. Should we bypass the first part of the digestive process? Do we need sharper teeth? Maybe that will happen on it’s own?

Is evolution in play here or is it Monsanto playing with evolution again?

Be careful said every wise person, only to be ignored until it was too late.

Then they all said the same, ‘If we had only listened to our own doubts instead of trying to make the nay sayers wrong. If we hadn’t stuck to our guns because somebody got in our face and we didn’t like it. If we hadn’t wanted to feed the world using unnatural substances by calling them organic because they could grow in a petrie dish. We fed our families what we fed the world. We thought we wouldn’t do that unless it was safe.

Was it safe? Was it worth it?

We don’t know. We don’t know.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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