Looking for vegan grocery foods online?

I haven’t used this service, but as soon as I work my freezer and pantry down I’m going to.

They sell food online and in bulk primarily for restaurants but also for home consumer use.

To date they sell 564 vegan items – all located in one place, which makes shopping easier. Plus all the accidental vegan items, like pasta, rice, coffee etc. I don’t know of many grocery stores that sell 564 vegan items. And the ones that do sell vegan items are not easily accessible for most people.

Free shipping over $750.00. I know it sounds like a huge amount, but keep in mind that these items by the case are heavy.

You might want to get a few vegan or non-vegan friends to share the cost and product, since many of the brand names we’re all familiar with come by the case.

Check it out at their website:

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