Any Animal-Free Eating Spanish Immigrants Out There?

Is the USA Turning Spanish Immigrants Into Killers?

Or are they social media born and bred? When they turn off the computer do they become animal-eaters again?

Where are all the Spanish vegans for health or vegans for the animals in the USA, besides the part-time ones on social media? I’ve lived in Cleveland for twenty-six years. I met one vegan family and a few bartenders who claimed to be vegan thinking I’d tip them better. So where are they?

  • By the way, I don’t tip people based on their ideology or politics. I don’t care who or what they are as long as they don’t mess with my food.

Are there any? Spanish immigrants who are Animal-Free eaters out there?

Seeings how the Spanish immigrants from South Of The USA Border come here to work in the slaughter industries I don’t think they’d be promoting animal-free meats. You can’t slaughter plants.

  • I met a guy at the bus stop once who said he worked in a slaughter house years ago and still eats animals, so I’m thinking that the slaughterers become immune to the suffering in order to keep doing it. Sort of like military personnel in combat turning off that part of the brain that says thou shalt not kill.

And seeings though the Spanish work together for their common good and are intimately aware of each other’s activities and proclivities, I doubt there are many closet plant-eaters among them. They’d be shamed out of it in short order.

They’re not going to go much beyond offering half plant and half animal at their ethnic restaurants – even the rice has chicken broth in it. They go where the money is by covering all theirs bases, just like everybody else. Animal cheese, milk, egg, meat. Eating animals is not only their culture and tradition, but their livelihoods. They slaughter them. They immigrate to other countries to slaughter them – that’s their better life.

It doesn’t have to be their better life – slaughtering defenseless animals for people’s perverted appetites for flesh and blood – it’s not written in stone nor in any holy book.

Convert factories and processing centers from raising animals for slaughter to growing plants so humans and other animals can survive and thrive. Give immigrants a reason to be proud of the work they do. Demand it. State of the art facilities. Best working conditions, mostly inside. * No pesticides required *. Transform the entire food industry from a brutal process from birth to plate into a life-affirming, survive to thrive work environment. No one dies at your hands.

Why turn immigrants into killers? Why would anyone think an entire ethnicity of people (descendants of Spanish conquistadores) would like or want or seek out slaughtering jobs in foreign countries that don’t speak their language?

Because they’re born killers? Born conquerors? Because they’re desperate? You take advantage? What’s the point? There’s money in plants, more than in animals. You just haven’t explored far enough, long enough, deep enough, wide enough, high enough.

The laziest of strategies equals do what everybody else is doing or what you’ve always done. The blueprint is already there, not much thought needs to go into anything traditional or cultural; it’s been done before many times over.

I get a kick out of animal chefs being interviewed on television always talking about how Mama cooked from her heart without a recipe, and that’s why their recipes are so good. Heart or no heart, Mama only had a handful of recipes and made them so many times over and over again that she didn’t need to write them down. She learned by rote.

  • These chefs using Mamas recipes obviously don’t have the creative skills to develop their own, otherwise they would, so why would anyone want to support their restaurants based on somebody’s mother’s limited number of recipes handed down from generation to generation, which only means nobody cared or was curious enough to explore new, different, better ways of feeding their families?

There’s a new and better blueprint and it involves all plants all the time without exception to the rule.

Better get busy. Catching up is nearing the ‘leaving people behind’ stage – in the money department. You don’t want to be the last on that bandwagon do you?

You have the political clout, now push for conversions of all animal processing plants into plant processing plants. Demand it.

Growers already do it with marijuana, now do it with fruits, nuts and vegetables. Nobody picks grains, machines do that, so keep the grains outdoors. Besides, grains aren’t animals.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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