Jule’s Foods recalled all of of its products – vegan cheese


This nationwide food brand just recalled every single one of its products

Mike Wehner Fri, April 23, 2021, 5:03 PM    

When a company has to recall a product it is often pretty serious. That’s especially true when the product is a food item that may contain a harmful pathogen. Typically, just one type of food is affected; a produce company might recall lettuce but still sell tomatoes that are perfectly safe, for example. Unfortunately for Jule’s Foods, a California-based food producer that sells its goods across the country, it has been forced to recall not one, not two, but all of its food products due to the potential for Salmonella contamination.

In a new recall bulletin posted by the FDA, Jule’s Foods explains that the FDA has identified Salmonella in its brie cheese products containing cashews. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t been able to isolate the source. As a result, Jule’s Foods is recalling all of its brie products as well as its artichoke dip and vegan ranch dressing. The five products constitute the entirety of Jule’s Foods offerings, which means the company’s entire line has been deemed a potential hazard.

The company notes that it is working with the FDA as well as the CDC to confirm the source of the Salmonella, but as of now, it doesn’t feel comfortable selling any of its products. The FDA is probably also pushing for a full halt until it can figure out where the pathogen is coming from.

Via the company’s recall statement:

 To date, FDA has preliminary confirmation of Salmonella in brie products containing cashews. We are working with the FDA to isolate the source of the pathogen in samples which were collected by the California Department of Public Health. Jule’s Foods is issuing this recall in connection with a Salmonella outbreak under investigation by the FDA and CDC.

Jule’s Foods distributes its products to dozens of grocery stores across California and other states including Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas. It also sells its products online, so customers could be located in any state.

Salmonella can be a pretty nasty bug to come down with. The FDA’s rundown on what to expect if you fall ill with salmonellosis is as follows:

 Consumption of food contaminated with Salmonella can cause salmonellosis. The most common symptoms of salmonellosis are diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever within 12 to 72 hours after eating a contaminated product. Most people recover without treatment. In rare circumstances, infection can produce more severe illness and require hospitalization. Older adults, infants, and persons with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop a severe illness. Individuals concerned about an illness should contact their health care provider.

Obviously, if you have any of this company’s food products you should avoid eating them and get in contact with the company using the information provided on the recall bulletin. Stay safe out there!

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Source: This nationwide food brand just recalled every single one of its products

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