Talenti Sorbetto

Sherbet contrary to popular thought usually contains milk. So does sorbetto or sorbet. If you go to a restaurant that serves either, and you request to know if either contains milk, the server probably won’t be able to enlighten you, since most foods targeted for restaurants don’t contain ingredient labels on the packaging.

Further, when a server knows you want dessert, which will keep you there longer and raise the tab, thus the tip, they will tell you anything they think you want to hear. To them, what’s the difference, milk or no milk? It’s all ice-cream to them.

And why would they want to spend the time looking? Time is money. So order it or don’t. Take your chances or not.

I eat dessert at home. When dining out, it’s too much of a hassle and nobody likes to be fooled intentionally or not.

Even Talenti with all their drool-over flavors has only one that a cow’s teat hasn’t been dragged through before I eat it. Yukky. No offense intended Ms. Cow and I know it’s not your fault, since you were contained since birth and forced to spill your milk into somebody else’s profit buckets, but I don’t want it. I don’t want you in any of my food.

Walgreen’s carries this brand but rarely the non-milk variety within the brand. Very rarely do I see it.

Now since I’m writing this I go to talenti.com and see that they have 51 flavors. Impressive. Out of those 51 flavors, 7 are dairy free. But wait, 4 are vegan.

What happened to the other three? They’re dairy-free and not vegan.

Well, this is a new on one me since dairy-free has become pretty much synonymous with animal-free when talking about dairy.

So I look closer, good thing I did. Those 3 non-vegan dairy-free sorbettos contain egg whites or egg yolks. Egg in ice-cream, hmm. Egg in sorbet, hmm. It doesn’t even go. Can you imagine the confusion in a restaurant trying to figure out which of the 51 flavors have some part of the egg but are also dairy-free?

So I’ll have to ask for egg-free and dairy-free or vegan, which ticks servers off – the vegan part.

It’s too confusing and everybody will have a different opinion on what it contains and doesn’t and what it means and doesn’t. Dairy-free doesn’t mean egg-free. Does it mean fish-free? So you have to ask for vegan if you want no animal in it, but vegan has other stipulations – too many to go into here.

It would be a lot easier if we do it the science way and consider all creatures large and small with nervous systems, thus some form of brains, as being animals and any part of that animal be it an insect or an elephant is an animal product when it is contained in a recipe.

Making judgments on habitats or the environmental impact that the farming of plants has on other creatures cannot be in the domain of labeling, since even worms get the axe when fields are plowed. Insects end up unintentionally in foods when processed. That doesn’t mean we have to intentionally add them to the recipe or declare that they’re there, because they on occasion jump in.

I didn’t plan this to be an essay till I had to go to the site to see how many dairy-free offerings Talenti had and discovered that dairy-free does not mean animal-free – not to this sorbet company.

That’s fine. Now I know. But now I know also to scrutinize every other dairy-free company for what they may be adding that is not animal-free. Plant-based need only mean that the majority or the foundational ingredient is plant-based.

Yeah, so I return to:

contains animals. contains no animals.


Onto the sorbetto. What can I say? Only one flavor is available when a dairy-free and egg-free sorbetto is ordered by Walgreen’s. I asked in the past of the manager that he carry more vegan frozen desserts. He wrote it down, said he’d look into it, but two years now and no change. There’s a big vegan presence in this neighborhood, but it seems that Walgreen’s don’t count them in their demographic.

I can make my own ice-cream and sorbet. It is nice though to be able to buy it. Maybe Talenti needs to hire more advertisers or salespeople instead of relying on vegans to work for free. Vegans don’t need the product.

The animals need the animal-free product. Producing animal-based and animal-free sorbets confuses people. It’s like you care about 22 percent of the animals by selling 4 animal-free products out of 51 animal-based products. The other 78 percent of the cows and chickens are enslaved, tortured and eventually sold for slaughter.

It was the best, creamiest sorbet I’ve ever tasted. Putting chocolate syrup on basically ice, doesn’t sound right unless it’s creamy ice. The creaminess of the raspberry flavored sorbet seemed to demand it, so I obliged myself with that experience of elegance.

Hershey’s has a new thicker version of their original syrup, called HERSHEY’S SUNDAE DREAM. It’s still animal-free and still delicious, only thicker. I use them both. I think it’s still animal-free. Now I don’t know for sure.

I can do without syrup. I can make my own; but it is nice to be able to buy it already made and not worry about who is in it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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