Fried Cauliflower WHOLE FOODS

Steve was in that part of town today, so stopped in to have a look around at WHOLE FOODS. CAME HOME WITH LOTS OF GOODIES.

A Mother’s Day gift early, since he’s going in for hip replacement surgery the morning after, so he’ll be doing prep work from now until then.

One item was from the deli, that just now is giving me a headache. Too hot that buffalo sauce I surmise. What did I expect? Not hot?

It’s vegan.

It’s battered, which seemed strange, given that it was served up cold, which means soft, not crunchy – very soft.

I place it on a rack over a baking sheet in a preheated 400 degree oven and let it bake for 30 minutes.

Although some of the edges crisped up a bit and the cauliflower definitely became more tender, the soft batter coating isn’t something I enjoy.

I’m assuming that at some point the batter was crisp, but it appeared that the buffalo sauce was added after the cauliflower had been deep fried, which softened it even more.

I’ve seen chicken sandwiches though, come out at fast food joints and there’s no sauce on it and still it becomes limp quickly. Take-out fried chicken the same thing, so people must be okay with the lack of crisp on take-out deep-fried animal meats and now veggies.

People seem to like the batter-effect whether crisp or not.

The heat was overwhelming. By teaming it up with Daiya brand Blue Cheeze Dressing, it tamped the heat a bit.

Steve doesn’t like that kind of heat, but he ate half of them.

I’d like to see possibly a thin batter with a more crunch coating to adhere to it.

I’ll experiment on my own. I already have a cauliflower recipe.

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