TA-FC ClipBoard: When people are happy feeling, they feel less pain, since the euphoria competes with the pain feeling, altering the perception.

You can’t tell people to think happy and their pain will go away. It won’t.

The pain is caused by injury. It’s not in the mind. It’s all nerve connected.

If you can disrupt the nerves at least temporarily by inserting an opposing nerve feeling of happy, then why not do it?

Why make people suffer with chronic pain until death the two part?

Anticipation of seeing a loved one, the feeling in the chest when someone says, that tickles them is real.

In order to obtain an effect strong enough to disrupt the pain sensors, it must be manufactured. The brain alone can’t do it, otherwise it would.

Sure there are all kinds of anecdotal stories about pain relief via meditation and other avenues (all paid-for-programs by the way), but even if true, the results are fleeting, unpredictable and once out of the meditative state, it’s back to chronic pain.

One can’t stay in a perpetual meditative state and effectively engage in work and activities of daily living. Meditation doesn’t work that way. It’s not a cure for disease; it’s an adjunct to a pain relief plan to help facilitate relief; it doesn’t cause the relief. There still needs to be an insertion of a physical nature to the process, because the pain is physical. The injury or malalignment is real.

Make people happy. Angry employees hurt your businesses and angry family members depress other family members and the other people around them. Pain creates a short fuse in people, so they lose their tempers more easily. Pain exacerbates annoyances. Pain debilitates, limiting physical movement.

We’re not talking too high to function; we’re talking high enough to function better. There is that point. Find it. Shouldn’t be hard. That 0.3 percent THC in CBD products is way too low. It’s so low it’s negligible. If someone gave it to me for free I wouldn’t use it.

I want the happy part. You can’t be in pain and feel happy, unless you’re putting on a front and then that puts added stress onto the organism. What I don’t want is the atropine-like effect, the paranoia and the disruption in short term memory when used for medicinal purposes. Keep the happy part in; that’s what competes with the pain.

Who do these scientists think they’re fooling? Why make people suffer by withholding pain relief methods that work? And then make it criminal to pursue treatment for one’s own pain from a harmless plant obviously meant for consumption by humans, when others refuse to help or they simply can’t afford the medical treatment?

Science has become the ruthless dictator of the future, usurping the political dictators of the past. Yes, your socio-economic background determines your physical and psychological well-being.

Weed or its equivalent gets the job done quicker. Everybody’s happy – except those who enjoy inflicting pain and withholding remedies.

  • Whoa. When I see through her eyes, I see a whole different story.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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