ADD-ON And UPDATE 365 Oat-Based Whipped Topping – Food Cartels?



What started out as a complicated-to-use product, became even more complicated several days later when I tried to use it again.

The first day I used it, each time it worked like a charm – roll the bottom third of can under warm water, shake and squirt. I may have used it three or four times in a twenty-four hour period – small squirts.

That’s the last time it worked. Several days later, upon trying it again, no matter what I did, the aerosol failed. I followed instructions exactly as before, nothing happened. I tried for several days and still nothing.

Yes, there was still plenty of product in the can; I could feel it when shaking it.

So what to do, take two buses out to Whole Foods to replace it or get my money back? It’s not worth the bus fare.

Who do I call or email about it?

365 is a store brand name for Whole Foods; they don’t have an identity that a consumer of their products can use to make a complaint.

365 doesn’t have an address or a CEO or a complaint department or evidently any responsibility or liability for a product they supposedly manufacture and sell to Whole Foods. Even employees don’t know the real manufacturer, where it was manufactured and the conditions under which it was made, stored and sold.

That’s the problem with third party manufacturers who hide their names behind grocery store names and other food sellers. There’s no accountability. A customer deserves and has the right to know who made the product they buy.

Who is responsible for a bad product? The one who made it or the one who sold it? This third party buyer-seller arrangement hurts the customer, leaves them in the dark about the product they buy and puts them at a ‘use at your own risk’ disadvantage.

No one can trust management personnel at any market to handle properly complaints about faulty or bad product. You contact the manufacturer if it’s Campbell’s soup or Kellogg’s cereal or Our Family.

Telling a disinterested third party, which in this case is Whole Foods, to relay a message to a manufacturer hiding behind the name of a grocery store that did not produce the product and who refuses to be properly identified is not the way to make people feel safe about the food they purchase.

I already spent too much time on this product. I’m not going to spend a week trying to contact someone who can give me some answers about why it doesn’t work. I’ve done it before; it can go on for months. What if it was spoiled or had a pathogen in it and a guest of mine died who ate it, who do I contact then? The manager at one of the Whole Foods stores? You’re kidding right? And who would they contact, and would they even let me know who they contacted or is it all a secret? Classified Information?

The information about the food I purchase is Classified Information? Even if I’m the one who gets sick? What, you’ll only talk to lawyers? So that’s how you’re going to play it, I need to get a lawyer if I want questions answered about a product I purchase that as a consumer I have a right to know?

So the USA government controls who gains access to information regarding the food we buy? We’re supposed to trust the government who classifies information about our food as top secret? What’s the secret about? What is being done to our food that it needs a third party information blackout? Nobody can know? Who gets the good food, the name brand or the store brand? Does the store brand get the seconds or oops recipes and how would anyone know for sure if the product is the same or safe? Because you tell us it’s safe?

Stop telling us to trust you. Blind trust is foolhardy. These same CEOs wouldn’t trust if pressed to choose between knowing and not knowing who handles their food before they eat it.

BOTH NAMES NEED TO BE ON THE LABEL. The name of the real manufacturer and the store brand.

Don’t ever ask anybody to trust you with food from an unidentified source – unidentified source to the buyer. That is a government maneuver for sure. It sounds like food manufacturers are adopting Cartel-like business models. Cartels originally copied government business models, or so it appears. When you fail to identify the real source to the consumer, you’re putting them at high risk and it needs to stop now.

You can’t sue a company that doesn’t exist.

365 is like a shell company, used to protect grocers from lawsuits regarding bad product.

365 does not have a president or board of directors. It has no employees that the consumer can locate. They might as well be called the Mafia, who answers to no one.



You screwed us long enough. WE WANT CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS ON THE TRANSPARENCY OF LABELS and the accountability and responsibility of sellers at all levels.


365 from WHOLE FOODS

The Manufacturers Are Kept Top-Secret

“We source all of our products from outside manufacturers; however, the identity of these manufacturers is proprietary information,” the company maintains. So basically, you’re just going to have to take their word for it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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