LOTUS FOODS Deceptive Sales Methods

A while back I ordered $63.15 worth of LOTUS products online. The order went through, the full amount of money was tapped from my account and then I received an email notice saying three of the items were on back order, so they wouldn’t collect the money until they were all shipped.

I went to the site and saw that none of the items they told me were on back order said anything about being out of stock. It left me with a bad feeling knowing that they intentionally accepted orders for out of stock items. That’s something people should know about when they order, so they can make the decision to order those items or not.

A couple weeks later, or longer, the tapped $63.15 was removed from my bank account, so I thought the order had been cancelled. Who wouldn’t? Luckily I didn’t go out and spend it, since I ride the edge with my bank balances and may not have had that cushion if needed.

Well, as unexpected as the back order items were, it was just as unexpected that they cancelled the payment, then shipped the order, then two days later took the money out again. This was all too weird.

Companies need to be more honest with customers and stop playing with taps, withdrawals and letters explaining back order items when they knew before I placed the order.

I know why they do it. They don’t want to lose a sale, so they tell you after you’ve paid that it’s out of stock hoping you’ll wait however long it takes to get restocked.

I’ll use every item and do a write-up, but they lost a customer. I have enough worries without companies deceiving me regarding the availability of their product. I don’t trust these people and now feel uncomfortable with them having such easy access to my checking account. First, they tapped the full amount, then they withdrew it, then they resubmitted it a couple days later. It’s too much financial maneuvering that shouldn’t be happening.

They also offered free shipping based on the order size. Fine, then ship what you have and ship the rest when you get it a few weeks later. But they didn’t want to incur two shipping costs, so waited until the three out of stock items came in to ship the entire order. Their convenience was the primary focus and not the expectations of the customer, which they by the way created when they engaged in deceptive sales tactics.

This experience won’t affect my review of their products, since I only focus on the quality of the product itself, not the service.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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