RE: Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service


Who wrote this title?

“Sign Posted at a St. Louis Popeyes Denies White People of The Good Chicken Service”.

What exactly does The Good Chicken Service” mean? Is this writer writing an advertisement for POPEYE’S? Totally Inappropriate.

The newscaster says, “the prank was a bad idea”. Who says it was a prank? When it’s against Blacks or Hispanics it’s called a hate crime by the media and by the FBI. When it’s against white people it’s called a prank? Where’s the equal treatment minorities keep talking about? Why didn’t they show the face of the manager who was interviewed? Afraid of backlash? No one fears showing white people’s faces.

Maybe a white person put up the sign. Why don’t their security cameras work 24/7? How safe are white people who enter the restaurant with no security cameras operating?

Security cameras would have solved the mystery and all this press would…

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