Advertising Cartels Violate 4th Amendment

4TH AMENDMENT search and seizure

“Amendment IV
Search and arrest

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


Advertisers dumpster-diving into people’s phones, televisions, and computers, copying information and then leaving and using or selling the information needs to be illegal and the Supreme Court must see the parallel between breaking and entering, searching and seizing a person’s private information without a warrant and the illegal search and seizure of one’s home and/or office. It’s private property.

If someone can’t use the internet without signing over those privacy rights to people unknown, then that’s extortion and needs to be outlawed. It’s criminal. Those who can’t see that Madison Avenue ADVERTISING CARTELS are BREAKING, ENTERING, STEALING and using private information for profit are either naive or complicit. Goliath is ripe to fall. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned.

When the people wanting to search knock on the door, you open it, right? They have a search warrant (or not) that says they can do it, yet you were not present to agree to the terms.

Innocent until proven guilty does not include handing over information that is private and for your use only or that could be construed to incriminate you.

The internet and your place on it that has an address plus security is the modern day residence or business. Some day there won’t be papers made from physical materials, only IT (information technology transmitted via wireless energy).

PAPERS and EFFECTS, those are the key words. So you say this dumpster-diving and fish-net-gathering of other people’s private, supposedly protected material has nothing to do with searching for criminal behavior. Firstly, in many instances it does. Secondly, who would let a stranger into their house to pillage their files for entertainment, pleasure, or profit?

It doesn’t matter what they claim they’re using it for. It’s not their right to do it, even with a person’s signature by click allowing access, so they can use the internet, which is done under duress, since everybody uses the net for business and social gatherings and research and storage.

Who when they walk into a diner to sit with a cup of coffee to read the news via the internet would give everybody at that newspaper and every entity that newspaper is connected to access to all their money accounts? Numbers, passwords, documents, medical reports, photos they take imprints of it all.

Advertisers engaged in breaking, entering and stealing copies of information from people’s phones, emails and websites and then transmitting it elsewhere are committing legalized crime and violating the USA Amendments to the USA Constitution. And those who pass laws to protect their rights to engage in legalized criminal activity, compromising freedom rights of everyone who uses the internet are accomplices.

A gold mine is what they call it, and for good reason.

The Advertiser Cartels cannot keep using the “probable cause” clause of the 14th Amendment to justify their crimes. Probable cause for what? “Maybe we’ll find some dirt on somebody and can use it to control or extort them?”

Put the Advertiser Cartels out of business. Reading my posts will not tell any advertiser anything about my consumer preferences. Spying on where I shop and what I buy will. When these Creepy Peeping Cartels start losing money, they’ll start respecting people’s privacy rights and find a better, more lucrative way to conduct their business.

When I make a purchase online and seconds later I see an advertisement on my social media sites for what I just purchased, then the Advertising Cartels must assume that if I bought it, then others might buy it. It’s not trying to make me buy the product, because I already bought it. So they’re telling lies when they say they’re showing me items I might want to buy. I already bought the item, so what’s the point?

That ad after the fact of the sale isn’t going to make me go back and buy another one. My question is why do members of congress fall for outrageous and obviously stupid explanations without further inquiry? When they tell the sponsor of bills before congress to get back with more information, what they really mean is come back with a better lie, not with a better bill, because everybody knows it’s violating consumer privacy and personal privacy, and they want to cover it up.

We’re in a country that blames the victim for whatever befalls them. We don’t even let victims of crime fight back; they have to run like cowards, so the perpetrator will be empowered to strike again. What logical sense does that make? They’ll say it saves lives. I say, get a better bill/plan to deal with it, rather than the lazy fault the victim plan.

Congress fears ‘stand your ground’ because they know people will get killed trying to protect themselves and their property. The attacker knows in advance that they won’t be challenged; the law is against it and the victim may end up going to jail not the perpetrator.

Ergo: Congress knows that they are passing laws that help criminals hurt innocent people.

They want you to run, when they don’t have a plan or when they are too weak and too inept to challenge the status quo which is beneficial to their shady anti-privacy and anti-freedom legislation.

It steps on the individual’s freedom rights. Your elected officials are supposed to fight for your rights – constitutional, legal, binding and personal.

In a free society laws apply to everyone. Making laws for specific groups is discriminatory.

Invasive, intrusive actions taken by Advertisement Cartels has nothing to do with my personal preferences that they glean from dumpster-diving into my personal accounts through my personal devices, which is what they tell members of congress when the Cartels write up and subsequently explain the laws regarding their privileges and control over my data.

Congress folds every time in favor of the Ad Cartels and against the holder of their own intellectual property.

That’s business you say? Not for long.


Recall Nancy Pelosi once saying in response to so many murders in Chicago that were Drug Cartel related, that it was okay, she wasn’t worried about it because they were killing each other. That’s the mind-set in congress. In other words, it’s okay to murder some people, but not others.

The problem is that she knows she can’t stop them nor does she have the dedication required to try. Organized crime is too big to fail, when it’s Madison Avenue or Wall Street, so she accepts it as inevitable as long as it doesn’t spread to people who are not criminals. But of course it always does, and still congress does nothing.

We need new ideas on how to change, rather than how to cope – how everybody changes for the better, not just white people, while black people stay stuck in their debilitating cultures. Get out of the past. Burning the present to cure the past is like burning the future too.

Congress regards all cartels as too big and too dangerous to hold accountable, so they let them slide with your privacy rights, accepting one lie after the other, hoping you won’t notice, and when you do they put the onus on you, rather than the perpetrator. They tell you not to use the internet if you don’t want these Madison Avenue thugs breaking and entering and stealing your stuff. Stuff that has value to you. It’s not theirs’ to determine anyway.

Pelosi is always mentioning that slippery slope but only when it suits her and her cohorts.

Congress allows the ad agencies to write the laws that they pass, so of course they’re like kids in candy stores, knowing they can do whatever they want to whomever they want with impunity and they do.

Passing anti-privacy legislation that goes against the intent of the 4th Amendment strips the American people of their security, leaving them naked before these dumpster-divers, while simultaneously forcing them to accept and change their expectations and their own value systems to adapt to the demands of the Advertising Cartels and the injustices committed against them 24/7 forever. Whoa.

So why even have a Constitution? Try to tell the democrats or republicans in government that they have to change their political platforms, that they have to change the way they think and adapt to no security for anything they value.

The same strategy is used with race. If Blacks won’t change their culture to abide by the USA Constitution, it’s Amendments and the local, state and federal laws, then they manipulate white people to change their expectations and make allowances for those who refuse to fit into the framework designed to respect the privacy of others.

They shame, blame, coerce, black mail, extort, ruin careers, ruin families and futures all to get white people to change their own cultures to accommodate black cultures.

It’s easier. White people are more malleable than black people, in general, so that’s the route that social engineers take, even if it means reversing evolution back to just outside the cave, thus starting all over again to build a better world.

Whoa. Ain’t that the truth of the hurt – that forward moving progress must be denied to all creatures large and small because congress and law makers don’t know how to alter the disruptive behavior patterns of those most resistant to change for the better. All those wars fought for nothing.

And here we are.

Ever wonder why congress allows the Advertising Cartels and companies associated with them to sell your private information without cutting you in?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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