We Want Fresh Bread Or No Bread

WE CAN DO NO BREAD. We’re just not going to do stale bread.

Bakers sat on their animal-based laurels too long. They should have believed what was staring at them, that longer shelf lives were needed.

They failed to do the research and development, wanting to put all the profits into the pockets of a few.

They should have been prepared for the ANIMAL-FREE REVOLUTION IN FOOD – all the signs they ignored as a fad. Wonder who told them that and why they took the lie as truth.


On my calorie restricted diet I can eat two jumbo animal-free hot dogs or two slices of stale animal contaminated bread.


Eggs and dairy don’t keep bread fresh longer, In fact they accelerate mold and bacteria growth in whatever formula they’re used. The dairy and egg industries must be paying out some big bucks to companies large and small to keep putting animals in their bread. Vendors get hooked on the income. It’s almost like paying farmers to not grow plants for consumption. After a while, that’s all they know how to do – not grow.

This started happening long before the pandemic. Delivery people taking out of stores outdated bread to freeze, then rewrap and recode to resell as fresh. Many times I felt the cold of half frozen bread when shopping for a loaf. They weren’t very good at hiding it.

Some people aren’t required to use pull dates or fresh by dates on their products, so they use none. It seems there really does have to be laws governing the production, distribution and sale of food since without them people will try get away with what they can.

Vacuumed packed partially cooked pizza dough – unbelievably stale, with no expiration date anywhere on the package. No they don’t stay fresh forever.

Store made French baguette – no they aren’t fresh on day two. They’re stale, but still for sale.

English muffins don’t last forever either. Maybe they stay fresh longer but not as long as stores are keeping them on the shelves hoping someone will buy to use for toast. That’s the point of an English muffin, to toast it. So if a store is keeping it on the shelf longer than its ‘good for toast’ date, then you know it’s too long.

If I’m fed up I know others are too. Like I said, I’d rather go without than be sold stale bread. There’s no reason for it.

There’s an increase in price on stale bread products when, if anything, the price should be lower.

Some have turned to gums and thickening agents to make the breads taste fresher than they are, but they haven’t mastered it yet. Most often the texture turns gummy when it contacts saliva. Not a good chew. Some gum yes, but not the amount they’re using to preserve the product to fool the customer.

Like I said, I’d rather do without.

And how about the bread that’s stale right from the oven? How does that even happen? Hard crust, soft center so filled with holes you can’t put anything on it. It tears like plastic.

Where are the bakers, you know, the people who know how to make bread? Nobody needs a baker when the recipes have been standardized and you can hire people at low wages to follow instructions.

Where’s the pride in a job well done? Nobody knows what the bread is supposed to look, feel and taste like. And they don’t taste test. Not allowed.

It has nothing to do with the pandemic. Companies are exploiting the pandemic to get money from the government rather than from selling a good product.

I’ve been making a lot of croutons and fresh dried breadcrumbs lately, but I can only use so much. Bread shouldn’t be taking up so much of my time, so if I want a flour made product, I’ll switch to crackers. I can find some good crackers that won’t go stale in a day or are stale when I buy them.

The last time Steve bought a bagel he said it was terrible. The same as with my English muffin. Toasting it didn’t help. I’m tired of tearing up my gums from having to toast the bread that I buy supposedly fresh.

I don’t like being forced to make toast out of the bread I buy. This isn’t the DEPRESSION era.


If you eat bread you know what I’m talking about.

Remember: WE CAN DO WITHOUT THE BREAD. Can bakeries survive without the sales?


I follow instructions placing the ingredients and baking it.

That crust looked good, no gummed up section in the middle, airy, just like we like it – until we tasted it and discovered the depth of dryness and staleness that neither of us could continue eating. It was that bad. It was like eating a super dense stale biscuit.

So rather than waste the toppings, which were perfectly fine, tasty actually, I got out some crackers and scraped the topping from the ESSENTIAL BAKING COMPANY crust and topped the crackers with it.

Although the cracker conversion was good and I might try it in the future, it wasn’t what we wanted and expected to have that day.

So no, I’ll never buy another pre-baked pizza crust – especially since an expiration date is not required, otherwise there would have been one.

The crackers I used were SNAK TIME STACK PACK. The cracker was sturdy enough for the topping. CRAV’N CRACKERS would also have been sturdy enough.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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