Advertisers Controlling Content – updated

Advertisers Controlling Content, thus regulating freedom of speech.



If advertisers can control the content of bloggers and opinion websites, then WordPress with whom they’re associated needs to be able to control the content of the ads they place.

Transparency please! Advertisers controlling content. There’s no such thing as free speech in your content, if it offends somebody and frankly all speech offends some people. And some people organize to create a bigger voice than their population ratio proves, often times translating to THE MINORITY RULES in a democracy.


This sets up a system of CENSORSHIP FOR PROFIT: It’s what advertisers assess as being able to sell their product or destroy another’s product. Companies pay for that. Destroy the competition. The USA government does it using all their surveillance agencies, who work closely with Madison Avenue.

The strategy is big right now in the animal-free food industry. There’s a war going on that the social engineers keep calling transitioning from animals to meat. It pits the entire slaughter industry of the world, which is the economic base of all countries, against the people pushing plants via an animal-free diet. NO ANIMAL means economies will crumble if not prepared for the shift in food commodities. Consequently, the wheels of industry are turning at a rapid pace. The sooner this gets done the better for all the animals and the planet

Why so many disruptive ads on free themed sites? Who visits sites authored and constructed by poorer people? So why overwhelm their sites with assault ads that don’t bear financial dollars?

What are you going to advertise on those sites: restaurants for the poor, food for the poor, clothing for the poor, housing for the poor?

Why advertise rich people’s goods on poor people’s sites or the sites that poor people frequent? To make them feel badly about what they don’t have? To make them want to go out and steal it? To make them want to burn cities because they don’t have what other people have? What’s the motive?

Images of stinky ear wax and fungus feet in the middle of a recipe – wherever there’s a double space? Come on. If you’re in the business, you know how many recipe and/or cooking sites there are online.

Unless they pay to have the ads removed. Rich people pay. Yet, you’re advertising on all the poor people’s sites who get no traffic. Why, unless you just want to destroy the content, because it’s animal-free.

Even if the website or blogger is paid per click, how many clicks make a dollar and who’s keeping track? The assault ad people, and you trust them to count for you? How many people are going to click on assault ads? They’ll be distracted by them, or they’ll click on once and not again. The aversion factor creeps in, so the content becomes aversive to the viewer.

Let’s face it. IT’S WAR.

It’s like, “I put my big foot in the middle of your recipe and now it really stinks”. No one forgets that image.

Like I said, IT’S WAR.


Just today, 5 August 2021, I saw an assault ad on somebody else’s site. When searching for the health benefits of green beans, just as I found what I wanted and start reading and scrolling this nasty ear wax on a tissue with a fingernail holding it that needed to also be cleaned pops up. I left the site and found what I wanted elsewhere.

So there’s the proof of aversion tactics used by advertisers to steer you away from your focus. This time Madison Avenue was associating green beans with ear wax, disgusting.


Not because they want you to eat ear wax, but because they don’t want you to eat green beans, especially in lieu of animals.

Eating animals is bad for you. Eating animals makes you gain weight, not lose weight. So where does MADISON AVENUE place the assault ad? Right beneath the topic that says: May Help Maintain Ideal Weight. Now wouldn’t that be a vegetable of interest. What’s the number one problem with losing weight? Everybody gains it back. That’s discouraging. What if there was an ideal vegetable that helped you to keep the lost weight off? Bingo.

The slaughter and dairy industries do not want you to lose weight. Your fat keeps them wealthy. You’re their meal ticket and bank account all in one.

I’m not done with green beans. Ever hear of waxy beans? Get the connection?

To be continued on

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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