Agriculture Plant vs Animal


I do not consider enslaving, torturing and slaughtering a cow or any other animal on the planet as agriculture.

Being a human eating grass does not qualify me as an agricultural being.

I am an animal every bit as much as the cow is an animal.

Giving a cow water is equated by the Slaughter Industries (SI) as watering the cow like watering a plant. They say give the cow water and the cow will grow like a plant – ripe for slaughter.

If that is true, then give the human water and the human will grow like a plant – ripe for slaughter.

A cow is not a plant and never will be a plant.

A human is not a plant and never will be a plant.

Some will cite cows eating grass grown from soil the reason for calling the process of enslaving, feeding and killing a cow a form of agriculture.

They are wrong.

Plants are agriculture.

Animals are your mothers fathers sisters brothers aunts uncles grandparents and on and on…

If not, then your mother, father et al are plants.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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