Are You Or Someone You Know An Animal Addict?


That so many people hold on so tightly to their animal-consuming behavior and resist so vehemently animal-free alternatives proves the addiction to the animal.


All addicts exhibit the same behavior patterns when even the thought of whatever they’re addicted to threatens to be removed from their control.

The word threaten is important, because these otherwise sane individuals will go to great lengths to keep eating the flesh and blood to which they are addicted.

Make no mistake here. Many people can consume animals and not fall into that addiction trap, just like any other addiction such as alcohol, cigarettes, sex, caffeine, drugs. Most people can, when required, quit that which isn’t needed for survival without much effort. In other words the addiction is psychological rather than physical. It’s not a big deal.

For everyone else it is a big deal. Especially when the addiction is woven into the fabric of life at every single level of consumption. Everywhere they go and look they see Madison Avenue throwing animals into their faces. They can’t escape it.

Even those not addicted become attached to animal consumption by the sheer force of peer, family and friend pressure – everybody is doing it so it must be right to do. Even Mom. That’s a big pressure right there.

Mom does it and why does Mom do it or keep doing it? Because Dad does it and wants his family to enjoy what he enjoys. Like a status symbol among men, the bigger the steak the better.

Dad, men and the Moms wanting to support their men will be the hardest to flip.

Tread carefully around an Animal Addict. It’s a non-recognized form of addiction and there are no sponsors visible enough to help these addicts quit eating animals. They’re on their own and will go to extraordinary lengths to make their animal consumption appear normal and a right given by the Gods of every religion.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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