Michelin Covers Their Sins In Stars

Michelin Covers Their Sins In Stars

Ever notice that Michelin gives up to three stars to restaurants not food and not chefs? Tableware is as important as the food, service and who owns the restaurant.

Ever hear of a three star dish or a three star chef?

If you put an animal in the pot, you’re not a chef. You’re Jeffrey Dahmer aka vampire in a high white hat. He went to prison; you were allowed the delicacies – you call them – of eating flesh and blood.

Why? Because he wasn’t species-specific enough and you all were.

Flesh and blood is not meant nor designed by the universe to eat. It is designed to survive and thrive as flesh and blood for it’s own sake, not for the sake of any other flesh and blood being.

So this is the French way, I take it?

Serve it high class in a high way by high staff with noses so far into the stratosphere, they can’t smell the food. Then they bend their backs to the universe to hover over their creation hoping subconsciously that the universe overlooked them. Or if the universe took notice, they would see the live human laboring over something not recognizable to anyone as the animal they slaughtered for the plate.

The French have a long history of covering that which is undesirable to make it more palatable to those they hoodwink with their sauces.

When looking for the cow on the plate, they overlook the cow in the sauce.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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