REVIEW: IMPOSSIBLE SAUSAGE – 14 oz. tube – new to us – cooks like Impossible Beef – starts out soft, ends up hard – textures less fatty though. Firms up as you cook it.

Sausage flavors are subtle, maybe too subtle when compared to other plant meats, especially Light Life Gimme Lean.

Due to the neutral flavors however, this sausage can be used as Italian, breakfast, German, you name the ethnicity and it will work for YOU.

Thank you IMPOSSIBLE for not using high-heat that detracts from all other flavor qualities of this fine animal-free meat.

The meat and mushrooms I made as a base for the Bolognaise Bleu, became a topping in a deconstructed version of this popular dish, only because IMPOSSIBLE Sausage and Mushroom was so elegant that adding a tomato sauce to it would have neutralized its purpose. This animal-free meat demanded to be star.

If I owned a high-end restaurant, this animal-free meat topping would definitely be on the menu. The Best SAUSAGE CRUMBLE on Earth at SHARON’S ANIMAL-FREE ELEGANCE. The finest fine dining in the world.

Buttery was the most prominent flavor. IMPOSSIBLE FOODS once again does the impossible. I get it. Every culture in the world eats butter with everything. Everyone in the world will like this sausage. Guaranteed. Good one.

Leftovers, microwave or skillet bound, recook the same way – firm up as you recook it. Unlike Gimme Lean Sausage by Light Life, that becomes mushy if left in a sauce and/or after refrigerated and doesn’t recover, Impossible Sausage recovers the firmness.


ANIMAL-FREE MEAT TOPPER: Makes 4-6 servings

Use whenever and wherever you want a meat crumble: pizza, pasta, wraps, tacos – get creative. Deconstruct like I did with DECONSTRUCTED BOLOGNAISE BLEU GOAT.

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

10 med. cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped

1 sm. yellow onion – peel, cut in half, then rub over holes of hand-held grater/shredder to produce an onion snow – looks like snow cone ice


salt and fresh grind black pepper

2, DR. WT. 4.5 oz. jars mushrooms stems and pieces, including liquid from jars

1- In large pot, over medium-low heat, melt olive oil.

2- Add garlic and shaved onion both at the same time, stirring to coat with margarine. Cook, stirring often, towards the sides, not directly in the middle of the pot; that way it won’t burn as easily. Remove from heat, till you’re ready to add the sausage.

3- When ready, raise heat to medium and place IMPOSSIBLE SAUSAGE all at once in pot, breaking it apart with a wooden spoon or spatula, while stirring into garlic and onion.

4- Salt and pepper to taste, then continue to cook, stirring fairly often to reach the heat to all sides.

5- When the sausage firms up and it will noticeably, add mushrooms including the liquid from jars. Stir well.

6- Reduce heat to low and continue to cook for several minutes, till done to your liking. Taste to be sure. Remove from heat till ready to reheat and serve.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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