Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog

“It’s tradition. In a move to make traditional ballpark food at Seattle Mariners games more desirable for flexitarian and vegetarian fans, the Seattle Mariners have partnered with Seattle-based Field Roast to bring an All- American vegetarian frankfurter and burger to the Safeco Field menu.”

That was in 2012

In September 2021 a package of FIELD ROAST SIGNATURE STADIUM DOG landed on my counter for me to try.

I pan-fried them thawed according to package instructions. Then toasted a short sub bun, spread one half with veg mayo and topped with an inner romaine lettuce leaf. Laid the hot dog in the leaf and topped with chopped onion and ketchup. Spread the second half with mustard and relish. Closed, cut in half and ate.

I ate one hot dog plain and one in the bun.

Definitely different from their other grain meat hot dogs. Slimmer, less textural, still juicy, less flavor but more like an animal hot dog.

I can see why they developed this for a mainstream market.

It’s a little too slim, since I’m accustomed to their original frankfurter, requiring a small bun so it doesn’t get lost in the bread. However what it lacks in breadth it makes up in length.

If you can finesse a hot dog, FIELD ROAST did it.

Steve and Lilly liked it too.

“If you put that on a roller grill and then on a steamed bun with Stadium Mustard you’d think you were at Yankee Stadium.” ~ Steve

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