It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM).

Synthetic or cell cultured meat and dairy is NOT animal-free. It’s grown outside the body of the animal from cells collected from the animal.

It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM).

It’s made out of cells of animals, not plant cells, not chemicals. It’s not synthetic. Polyester is synthetic fabric, silk is not. Silk comes from an animal. You could grow wool from a sheep in a lab under favorable growing conditions and it’s still wool. It’s not wool-free.

Remove the animal-free label from cell meat, that Asians are freely using to characterize animal meat grown from animal cells in a laboratory. The cells they use are from animals, not plants.

Suffering has nothing to do with the label. Just because technically animals don’t suffer from a biopsy of cells taken from their bodies, doesn’t mean they don’t still suffer by enslavement, torture and eventual slaughter.

Just because animal lab meat will reduce the number of animals enslaved, tortured and slaughtered, doesn’t mean slaughter houses all over the world won’t be operating at capacity.

Even if animals going to slaughter equal only ten percent of the present number, it’s still a massive number of animals.

Although other animal cell meat (ACM) companies are blooming elsewhere, Memphis Meats is the one making all the news and apparently using the label animal-free to describe their product. That label has been already taken decades ago by another company called The Animal-Free Chef, Animal-Free Cuisine and Animal-Free Cooking (AFC), which means CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS (CNAP).

Memphis Meats changed their name recently to Upside Foods. There’s an UPSIDE to animal cells grown into more animal cells? To form a massive number of animal cells into massive pounds of muscle flesh?
Do these massive pounds of flesh contain nerve and fat cells too?

Does the ACM contain blood vessels? Blood?

Why are there no answers forthcoming? Because they’re trying to hide the animal under fancy non-committal labels – like the French do with their sauces to disguise the taste and smell from the dead flesh and blood?

It’s a lie.

These cells were never even officially dead. They were extracted live and grown live. They were not given a death certificate. They were preserved so they could multiply under specific conditions.

The planners/developers want you to think they grow like plants. I guess then you could say test tube babies are plants. But they’re not, so let’s be honest about the product.

Animal Cell Meat is a partial animal absent feelings and the capacity to experience pain, suffering and cognition. It’s like you cut a piece of your arm muscle off and send it to a lab to grow animal lab meat from it. You multiply the cells. Rapidly. Rapid Cell Growth (RCG).

How can you raise a cell or cells to eat, like you raise an animal to eat? It’s all in the semantics of language being used to define the product to most effectively attract future customers.

Raise a cow, raise a child, grow a plant, grow cow cells or human cells if you’re so inclined.

The cow was born from a seed and an egg grown inside the body acting like an incubator. The plant was grown from a seed interacting with the soil.

All life needs the sun, so in that sense it’s irrelevant to the issue.
You can grow soy root nodule cells in the lab, just as easily as animal cells. Easier probably. Why didn’t animal cell meat (ACM) go the plant cell route rather than the animal cell route? Because they’re pleasing the slaughter industries who want to keep the animal in play and forever on the plate.

Humans won’t lose their addiction thus taste for the flesh and blood if the world keeps feeding them animals. Wake up to reality in the now, not some other century.

We must lose our taste for the flesh and blood of the animal, not the flesh and blood of the plant.

Animal cell meat is not animal-free. It’s all animal. It’s not half animal and half plant or half something else.

When you buy pork it’s not attached to the animal. It’s raw just like animal cell meat (ACM).

The planners/developers decided to take the suffering of slaughter out of the animal food equation, which they now admit to, but the animals are slaughtered anyway for the rich who will be able to afford them. It’s not a step worth taking into the future.

Take an embryo and grow flesh and blood from that. It’s not a walking, talking, breathing piece of animal meat, but neither is a steak, pork chop or chicken wing. And how do you procure the embryo? Impregnate an animal, then perform an abortion?

Animal-free means no animal product in the recipe. Animal cell meat is animal product.

In the past, some people differentiated the animal from animal by products – using a little too much fanaticism in the labeling. For example, skin, bone, eyes, organs, milk, eggs, glands, tongues, hair, hooves etc. were largely considered animal by products.

So I guess the animal itself, in order to be called an animal, is a shell. Ever see a deer hanging from a tree in the woods, gutted? All the guts removed are considered by products of the main shell of the animal.

So it’s not much of a stretch for some to consider animal cell meat animal-free, because it’s like the guts of the animal removed to a lab for independent growth. Except for one flaw.

Animal cell meat comes from the main body of the animal, the shell of the animal, the main house, not the guts that most discard. Shell = animal. Guts = animal by product. Shell = muscle = animal – in the lab just as much as in the forest.

Adjust growing conditions in the forest and the cells from that shell of the animal will grow into shell product, just like in the lab.

It is not animal-free; it is all animal. Check the DNA. You need to call animal tissue, animal tissue, not plant tissue.

All that said, a deer hanging in the woods gutted got murdered, whether for it’s shell or it’s guts.

Rapid Cell Growth (RCG) = cancer = animal cell meat.

So why eat it knowing the process by which it is produced duplicates/replicates the growth of cancer/tumors? Not all rapid cell growth tumors/lesions are cancerous, but why risk it? Everybody gets their three times daily doses of cancer growths, not just cells.

Put cancer cells into a body and if the conditions are right, they’ll multiply. How can you stop it?

Animal cell meat is animal meat. It is not vegetable cell meat or nut cell meat or grain cell meat or fruit cell meat or fungi cell meat or chemical cell meat.

You still have to raise animals for cell samples who eventually are slaughtered for the rich people or those who can afford it. Grass fed on farms or in factory farms? Ten percent of seventy billion is seven billion animals still raised for slaughter – not including marine life. Pick a number any number as long as it’s current. Ten percent is ninety percent less, but still a massive number of animals – per year.

Freezing cells probably isn’t a good idea; they degrade too easily and with utility companies going on the blink as they often do, what happens to the cells housed in those appliances?

It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM). I figure you’ll be mixing animal cells, so there won’t be much need for chicken cell meat, pig cell meat, cow, lamb, goat…cell meat. Can you guarantee that? People will want to know.

While you figure this all out STOP CALLING ANIMAL CELL MEAT ANIMAL-FREE. It’s a lie. Plus the brand was long ago created by THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter. Those are the Five Principles to a better life for all animals, not only the human animal.

Go with the cells of roots that need soils to grow from seeds outside of the plant, not with animals who were designed to grow from a seed and an egg inside their own bodies.

UPSIDE FOODS is attempting to grow animal meat outside of the animal’s body in a laboratory, like plants grow from seeds dropped into soil. Animals aren’t plants and plants aren’t animals.

UPSIDE FOODS went too far. They should have stopped at the plant, but they thirsted for blood. It will land them in a bad place.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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