Alcohol-Free vs Non-Alcoholic

non-alcoholic beer


alcohol-free beer

Who decided on non-alcoholic instead of alcohol-free?

Who decided what to call it, how to reference it?

Those who say general consensus or the street or one unidentified person and it just caught on, is usually the source.

The Brits are known for altering culture by language, then giving either everybody or nobody credit for it.

When someone orders a non-alcoholic beer what that says is the person is trying to become a non-alcoholic person.

It’s a stigma purposely perpetrated by the beer wine liquor industry in conjunction with the government to shame the alcoholic or as should be said the alcohol-addicted person.

Who would order a non-alcoholic beer or wine unless they were alcoholic or alcoholic addicted?

I don’t know. What I do know is the labeling of the beverage discriminates against the person ordering a drink without alcohol and shouldn’t.

It’s smoke-free, alcohol-free, asbestos-free, drug-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, animal-free, dairy-free, peanut-free….

But somebody decided to get personal with the alcohol label.

So that must mean: you’re a smokic, asbestosic, drugic, sugaric, glutenic, dairyic, peanutic….

What’s with the ic? alcohol – ic. Alcholic has a negative connotation, that none of the other addictions or allergies do when you attach free to them.

I want an alcohol-free beer.

You mean a non-alcoholic beer?

Why wouldn’t people say, non-alcohol beer. But no, they have to label the customer with an alcoholic stigma.

I don’t really care, but I see a prejudice there.

I go through that same thing with animal-free.

What does animal-free mean? Why wouldn’t everybody know that? Free of animals. Free after the word means ‘free of’. Why doesn’t the brain accept it? Yet, everybody knows what drug-free means. Peanut-free means free of peanuts; everybody knows that.

But a wall goes up when referencing animals and alcohol.

Those are major prejudices – both of them. People still want to punish the alcoholic by red-lettering the alcohol-free beverage they want to order, and ignore the meat on the plate that in reality is an animal, whom somebody killed to put there.

Non-alcoholic beer, makes it sound like the person drinking it is a recovering alcoholic, so drink this non-alcoholic beer and you become a non-alcoholic, which sticks it to the person by putting the alcohol industry and the server in control of how society views the customer requesting a non-alcohol drink.

Addicted to animals, how do you say that in fewer words? A nickname. There you go again with the British wanting nicknames for everybody and everything under the sun.

Animalic. So the Brits just added ic to nickname it.

It’s pathological, their need to label everybody and everything with their own slant/words so it makes sense to them and nobody else.

Take the ic out and replace it with free.

Better outcome.

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