Bake in oven according to package instructions or pan-fry in enough oil not to stick – both are excellent.

Although Morning Star doesn’t recommend on the package pan-frying them, it gives the dough a slightly different chewy almost sugary texture which I like. Maybe you will too. I also like to char mine in a few places, which you can’t achieve in the oven.

Also the oven costs more to preheat and then bake. If you have an electric oven and want to cut down on your electric bill, pan-frying helps.

Served with ketchup and mustard in one cup layered – daiya BLUE CHEEZE DRESSING and mustard in another cup layered (not mixed)

I never had a corn dog till I had these. WOW. Now that’s a treat. And no animal in it. That’s a winner I’d stake my cash on. Please don’t change the formula; it’s just right the way it is.

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