The non-dairy creamer that’s been on the market since 1946. GLOBAL.

The closest tasting and feeling to real milk and cream out there.

Comes frozen. Thaws easily. Use in place of milk or cream.

I’ve used it for years with excellent results.

It’s a RECIPE TURNER. Not just the creamy component, but the white component that makes a dish look creamy as well as texture creamy! I don’t know how they get it to stay white, but that quality is a money maker.

Go with that in advertising. It looks like cream in a recipe or a beverage. Looks like milk when you add water for a beverage. Cow milk it looks like.

No other creamer or milk on the market has it. That’s the key to increasing sales. Get every restaurant in the world to use it and keep it as a staple in their kitchens. It freezes and thaws well. Do you know how to make vegan taste better? Add Rich’s Dairy-Free Cream.

While you’re at it, try their WHIP TOPPING. Great for an ice-cream base or topping for dessert or a mousse frosting for a cake.


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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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