Gia Russa Sicilian Lemon Marmalade


Steve brought home this Sicilian Lemon Marmalade, knowing I like orange marmalade and most things Italian.

I doubt I’m the only one who thinks lemon flavored product often tastes like bathroom deodorizer smells – to the point of offending the senses.

Gia Russa usually has good product. Reliable. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy the label.

Not so with this lemon marmalade. The smell is so strong and the taste even stronger that I wouldn’t be surprised if this lemon marmalade was processed in a factory that also made bathroom cleaner or deodorizers out of lemons from Sicily.

Since the label states it contains sugar, lemon, pectin, anti-oxidant: ascorbic acid, and given the label is accurate, I can only conclude that they processed the entire lemon all at once in a big mulcher, twigs and all.

There’s hardly any visible rind, a lot of pith, and several seeds, which they state on the jar it may contain (seeds). It’s mostly gel.

I just smelled it again – furniture polish is what came to mind this time. Not good.

In addition I encountered while eating a taste of it a couple bits that look and feel like the tips of fingernails, perfectly rounded into an oval shape, which I finally concluded were small hard shavings from a processor or something else not fingernail related. They were shaped like moon slivers. Since then I found them in another product unrelated to Gia Russa.

Those hard fingernail-type pieces should be looked into.

Unfortunately, this Sicilian lemon marmalade in my view is inedible.

Total failure.

This is however, no reflection on their many other fine products which I tried and liked.

TOSS IT is my only recommendation.


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