Combine as much SUPER BLEU with GOOD KARMA ONION DIP as you like. It’s that simple. Transfer to dipping dish and serve with cracker of your choice. Today it was WHEAT THINS. Not too hard on the gums, just enough crisp.

Use as appetizer or perk up a sandwich by using as a mayo substitute.

Although the SUPER BLEU isn’t as bleu as I thought it would be, it is never-the-less a high quality product that simply tastes and textures good.

Years ago you had to buy the sour cream and dry onion soup mix to make onion dip – and everybody participated. It was a standard snack at most family and/or friend gatherings. Today it’s animal-free and comes already prepared. Nice job in the flavor and texture department too.

Mixing the bleu with the onion dip make them both sing!

Smear SUPER BLEU on your favorite ANIMAL-FREE burger with or without the bun!


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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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