Alexander & Hornung recalls more than 230,000 pounds of pork products for possible listeria


“So far no illnesses have been reported. In a statement on its website,, the company said “there is no conclusive evidence that the products were contaminated at the time of shipment, the voluntary recall is being initiated out of an abundance of caution.””

PRESS THIS FOR SHARON: If there’s no conclusive evidence, then why recall approximately a quarter million pounds of what isn’t contaminated? What alerted them? Who tested and for what did they test and why? Was it found? Where was it found and how was it found?

Somebody had to find something in order for the recall to list Listeria as the reason.

Give the public the details. We can handle it.

These alerting agencies need to give people more information. Such a huge recall based on no conclusive evidence? Somebody is hiding something, which means somebody is lying.

How does that compare to when there

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