Smoked Almond Stuffed Mission Figs

Dried mission figs stuffed with a smokehouse almond crumble with ginger, brown sugar and smoke. Some dusted with espresso coffee, or superfood cacoa creamer or served plain, or stuffed with pickled orange rind. A dry, chewy hors d’oeurve or dessert bite sure to please!

Makes 3 cups filling


1 lb. Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds

2 T. ginger juice by THE GINGER PEOPLE

2 T. liquid smoke

1/4 c. light brown sugar

salt as needed

fresh grind black pepper

fresh ground espresso coffee for garnish


1- Place smoked almonds in food processor and process till mealy and oil just begins to separate from the nuts so the crumbles clump up rather than remain dusty.

2- Add ginger juice, liquid smoke, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Process again till evenly dispersed and crumbles stick together more than before, but we don’t want paste.

3- Slit each fig down the center from stem to stern, but not all the way through. Flatten it out without breaking it.

4- Take a bit of crumble pinch and roll it to make it stick together, then top each fig by pressing it down into and around each slit you made.

5- Place on board and repeat with as many figs as you want.

6- I cut a few pickled orange rind sticks to fit the fig and set them in the center of the crumble on the fig, then pressed and squeezed so that it wouldn’t fall off when a guest picked it up.

7- I also dipped 1/3 of then in ground espresso coffee, another 1/3 in LAIRD SUPERFOOD CREAMER powder, then left the remaining 1/3 plain. I tried to dip one in powdered sugar, but I thought most guests would balk; although it was good, too much powder on the fingers.

8- Although these hors d’ouerve or dessert bites are dry, the coffee and cocoa creamer toppings are dusty, so will require napkins nearby.

pickled orange rind sticks


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