Why Almost Identical – Sour Cream, Cream Cheese?


Companies will most assuredly cite pandemic reasons for putting cream cheese into their sour cream containers or vice versa. Or, maybe they altered the recipe itself, bringing the two closer together in texture, viscosity, mouth feel and flavor. Or they didn’t have enough sour cream, so decided to sell cream cheese in the sour cream container.

I don’t know which one it is, but there’s something different in Tofuttidom for sour cream to look, act and taste like cream cheese.

Tofutti isn’t the only company doing it, if indeed they are.

For instance we buy FREE & CLEAR drier sheets for laundry. Since pandemic times the free & clear sheets were so strongly scented that even after clothes hung in the closet for weeks, they still smelled of enhanced scents. Steve couldn’t tell because he lost his sense of smell. I didn’t, however, so this particular company wasn’t fooling me.

This particular company evidently had an over-supply of scented drier sheets and not enough boxes to put them into, so used the overstock boxes that read free & clear, unscented, for the highly scented drier sheets.

At some point the consumers who rely on products to be as the packaging claims will rise to protest by not buying the product at all.

A lie is what it is.

If nothing else a new add on label needs to be put on the product that reads: THIS PACKAGING MAY NOT REPRESENT THE PRODUCT CLAIMS. Who would buy a product with that disclaimer on it? No one.

Solution: plan better. Companies have had a year to plan for all types of eventualities. Selling product not reflected accurately on the packaging is fraud.


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