Maybe The Germans Don’t Mean To Be Gruff

Maybe The Germans Don’t Mean To Be Gruff

Like the Dutch don’t mean any disrespect by telling you everything that is on their minds, just because it is there.

Perhaps by my relatively recent focus on the British, the other contributors to the world stress situation appear less responsible for their contributions to it.

Don’t think so. Every country, nation, state, group, peoples are culpable.

Every country is on the radar of every other country and everybody sees each others flaws.

We all have the same flaws in varying degrees at varying times in varying situations. I haven’t found a new flaw that had not already been discovered. But they do tend to flip flop back and forth between flaw and principle.

It is when flaws turn to principles and those flawed principles turn to practices, that the world fluctuates out of control.

The governing bodies of all groups need to heed the warnings of an over-charged chaotic state of survival. 

Threats heighten that state. So, if you can’t de-escalate, then let somebody else stand out front to transmit messages, as calmly as possible.

Madison Avenue, stop writing the headline news. Your job is advertising not journalism. It is not for you or anybody to provoke people into action or no action. 

Sell product not ideologies. You are in dangerous territory, and you will be held liable for interfering with anybody’s free speech rights. No law of any land cannot be over-turned within hours, when the proper people are motivated. And any law governing your right to incite chaos or block the freedom of anyone or any entity to voice their views can and will be reinterpreted out of your favor.

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