Nobody Wants To Work?

Stop Reporting In The News That Nobody Wants To Work

That is an inaccurate statement. Lots of people do work. Many want to work, but the terms are ridiculous for hours, job descriptions and wages.

‘Nobody Wants To Work’ is a ruse by companies to keep their payroll expenses down, while raising the prices on whatever it is they sell, make or distribute.

Businesses are reporting a record year for income during the pandemic. Well sure, because their payroll costs were slashed and now they’ve become accustomed to less staff and more money. Plus everybody understands, because we’re in a pandemic. Or maybe they’re not reporting all of it.

Businesses are gaming the system. Sure they have help wanted signs in the window, but once the interviewer gives the job description and the low pay, the applicant bolts. Or if they try the job, the other employees make it difficult for them.

One local restaurant wanted a chef that could do all the positions in the kitchen, plus the ordering and staffing, like an executive chef, plus all the positions out front, plus be able to wait tables and tend bar. Plus experience was required. Few people want to train new employees. When the applicant said they wanted fifteen dollars an hour, the interviewer laughed.

It sounds to me like they’re intentionally making it look like the applicant didn’t want the job, when the job description and pay were unreasonable to say the least.

Nobody wants to work?

Nobody wants to hire staff at a fair wage with realistic job descriptions.

We need an imposed fair wage, which means we need a raise in the minimum wage, not just for federal employees, for all employees, that people can live on if they’re working a forty or fifty hour work week.

People now are working forty or fifty hours and getting paid as if they were working part time.

Wake up to reality.

Sure businesses are liking the pandemic conditions. Nobody complains and if they do, the pandemic is an easy excuse for whatever ails any business. Payroll is the largest expense in most businesses. If you cut the payroll in half, you save a bundle. You can cut other corners, not usually cut in pre-pandemic days, and you save even more. Plus with fewer employees, there’s less theft at the cash register and out the back door.

Businesses are loving it. ‘Nobody wants to work’ has become their mantra. The smile gives them away.

It’s time to end slave wages.

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