Madison Avenue Misjudged

Madison Avenue Misjudged

1-  Burn cities with black face out front giving message demands.

2-  Followed by white face to show consequences of non-compliance. Mostly white faces burn businesses in city centers and few black faces join in search for glory through fire. No one knows who to trust. Black faces always have black faces to run home to. Rich kids with lots of money and time white-faced Britain agitators get it wrong. Again.

3-  Britain gave white people no home to run to – own people betrayed them for black people with torches in eyes. British white faces like to witness humiliation and chaos.

4-  Madison Avenue told black faces to go home; they stayed to contribute to the fire. It’s how they run. First they take care of business, then they go home to comfort and praise.

a-  Burn cities repulse people watching at home on T.V.

b-  Black faces give demands, cities burn, riots ensue, people repulsed next time they see black faces. Repulsed by fire images generalizes to all black faces. 

c-  Britain-inspired white faces hide behind black message to give consequences after black faces make demands. Burn your businesses to ground.

d-  Madison Avenue puts black faces on all advertisements and few white faces, making black the majority and white the minority. Clever.

e-  Unforeseen: white faces at home repulsed by advertisement with black faces on it. Remember the burn cities? They fear and turn away from ad and product. They’ll do without. That’s where their people came from, a dime in their pocket, they know how to endure and find alternative ways to get better product.

f-  Ergo: White faces got far in life being fearful. Maybe black faces should try fear and see where they land? Fear made white faces industrious. Fear keeps all people away from harmful drugs, and harmful people – and from people who burn businesses in city centers.

g-  Every time they see black faces, they now see cities burning and glory in the eyes of black faces raising fist-power to sky.

h-  Britain didn’t count on blacks lingering after having their say and giving list of demands, then participating in the destructive hysteria, people gone mad with fire to show consequences of non-compliance. They should have, which means they did, so they lied about their expectations. They were there. Nobody knows the plan, but it backfired for long time. Takes repulsion long time to dissipate. Should have done your homework on controlling emotions of black and white faces. Not a good strategy either way. Fear always backfires into your own yard.

i-  When people think on it, they resent the manipulation – all human animals the same. Revenge already in the works, which means only one thing. Black faces say white faces not learn lesson. Try again, this time more fire, more destruction.

j-  Black faces like to see themselves in lights, but cautious buyers. They know the scam, because they devised it, so don’t buy ad. Let them hurt for a while, then sit down with us for a real conversation and real demands. They want part of the profits – from any company that uses black faces to sell product.

k-  Looks like all of them.

l-  Madison Avenue try to get black business by showing black faces as majority. Also, they say time for black faces to pay like white faces paid. Madison Avenue discover white faces easiest to please. Regret flipping tables. Too late. Hurt already seeded.

m-  What Madison Avenue didn’t know is black faces don’t want to be majority, then they get the same as everybody else.

n-  They want more than the majority. They want what the minority at the other end of the continuum gets, but at a huge discount, because Madison Avenue made them rich and famous and they deserve a forever discount. Everybody wants to use their black faces. First was free, now Madison Avenue pay black faces to use black faces.

o-  Discount contradictions too; that’s how the mind runs when not keeping track. So it is with life.

p-  Madison Avenue lost white face business due to repulsion they can’t turn off. Fire frightens them to avoid. Will never adapt to the fire.

q-  Now white faces look for other places to endure. Canada.

R-  Careful getting down from your pedestal – sometimes tricky business.

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