Advertising And Bull Shit by George Carlin

Since Word Press banned the Animal-Free Chef from the public arena for telling her truth, thus banning her editorials and her animal-free product reviews and recipes, dumping her sites, thus her art, into the porno section where they said she belonged – she figured why not get down and dirty?

And what finer artist in the art of down and dirty truth-telling than George Carlin.

They sent the lawyers instead of the ‘happiness engineers’ out to destroy her brand that she worked 50 years to develop. And didn’t have the professional courtesy to tell her about it. The people with hair legislation probably had a hand. Then there’s always the Jews who make it their duty to create living hells on earth for anyone who calls them out on their false truths, while stealing the property of those they covet.

That’s like banning Betty Crocker with a conscience. “Chefry is the field of men” the voices that be, kept screaming, and the field of men want animal meat, not animal-free.

If you search on Word Press you will not find the Animal-Free Chef, they told her.

She’s blind. In the dungeon no light no might got her now, right where she belongs invisible except to the oppressors.

The slaughterers leapt for joy. So did all the intelligence agencies in USA and Israel who love to spy on words.

No one else can see her words or search for them. Even when accessed outside of Word Press a big sign pops up not to go any further – site NOT SECURE. GO BACK it warns. Danger reads the brain.

Her sites are all secure – they say. Wonder who all those Word Press employees who work for free really are and to which branch of government they belong? Nobody should be allowed to work for free for a billion dollar company that has essentially no overhead, and given the keys to the back doors of millions of websites – about 39.5 percent of the internet or more! Do they work at home? That’s corruption begging to happen.

Madison Avenue it will be revealed actually works clandestinely with government forces to manipulate the public by controlling who sees what. They re-divert traffic from sites they consider to be too honest, real and powerful. They search your photos, your contacts, your emails with impunity. That’s violating search and seizure laws. Government wants to control not only what you think, say and write, they’re in deep with the slaughter industries, and weaponized Madison Avenue – on military styled search and destroy missions imprisoning people’s ideas and stories.

Madison Avenue is the new Hollywood, using actors and government agencies to data dive and sway your thoughts thus your actions based on what they find in the BIG SNOOP.

Sounds like Nazism to me. Madison Avenue Nazis.

There’s no freedom of speech in the United States unless it’s pre-approved by the government, which means the government controls it. But now to turn Madison Avenue into a terrorist organization takes the cake.

NSA teams with Madison Avenue to control your vote! And ruin your life by destroying your art.

Somebody’s feelings got hurt, or might get hurt, and a secret society is the judge? Whoa. Detained, tried and convicted without knowing the charge or the lawyers, jurors, judges – no names. In secret. A secret sentence handed down to the ONLY ANIMAL-FREE CHEF IN THE WORLD! One person? Non-appealable. No recourse. So they’re afraid her words are spreading? Oh, so Word Press manipulates views and visitors too?

Her stats don’t show that her words are spreading.

A lot of somebodies are getting in under the radar, which means through the back door, which means technically they were never there. It’s wide open to agenda-driven representatives of governments and organizations and businesses. Charities too.

A billion dollar company forces its employees to work for free. Is it slavery if the applicants choose to work for free? Yes.

Matt Mullenweg once said they love controversy – the more controversial the better and they’re big rib people.

She believed him. Yeah but here’s the rub, when she evidently became controversial, Mullenweg pitched her sites into the porno bin. She wondered all those years why she kept getting pornographic spam. It was them, throwing trash at her, trying to denigrate her, demoralize her.

This is what we think of YOU, they were saying. She’s not a fan of any industry that creates victims. Her art does not create victims. Pornography does. If the truth hurts, that’s on the reader. These aren’t little kids. Her views in opposition to discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter do not create victims, they empower people. The ones who seek to block her art are the ones who create victims. They are the oppressors. Not the art, and certainly not her.

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    Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese
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    Molly’s Green Bean Suggestion plus gravy add-on
  • Madison Avenue Blocks The Animal-Free Chef For Mature Content, Then Approves F**k Ads On Her Site
    Madison Avenue Blocks The Animal-Free Chef For Mature Content, Then Approves F**k Ads On Her Site
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    Upscale Balsamic Peanut Butter Preserves


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