“Be Prepared”


In this entire article the writer never mentions whether they contain animal products or not. 

Girl Scouts of America are still in the dark ages of abusing animals for pleasure, when they should be pioneering in all matters involving the welfare of all the animals who share the planet with the human animal.

Sadly, that has never been the case.

They’re scouts, always prepared. For what? Selling cookies?

Part of being prepared means that you know what’s in the cookie you’re selling.

Scouts know what’s going on in the world, even if it’s at a rudimentary level, they need to be taught to be aware of cultural practices that need to change in the world.

It’s not about diminishing the cookie; it’s about what the cookies contain –  enslavement, torture and slaughter practices that need to be removed.

It’s not enough that one or three contain no animal products. There’s no valid reason in the world why GIRL SCOUTS should allow any part of the dead or alive animal in any of the cookies they sell.

WAKE UP GIRL SCOUT LEADERSHIP!! You do these young minds a disservice by keeping them in a past century to appease your own tastes and values.

Where are your principles? 

In a world that is closing down the slaughter industries, ingredients need to be uppermost in the minds of those who use little girls to sell terror for profit.


Make your cookies soar through the heavens with no cruelty. Just like you did with these three flavors:

Peanut Butter Patties® | Tagalongs®

Thin Mints®

Raspberry Rally®

It takes courage to step out beyond the norms of society.

Be Brave.

Teach the courage to change one’s self by changing the world by setting the example. You don’t have to fight a war to do it. It’s a peaceful process.

No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. So check your prejudices at the door of discrimination and everyone benefits.

Expect some discomfort.

When others don’t see with your eye, keep forging ahead by setting the example of fairness for all the animals, including the human animal.

Don’t forget to be fair to yourself too!

Here are the nutritional labels for the three types of cookies that appear to be animal-free. Not easy to find, which is another problem. It’s better to put them right out front on the website, so it doesn’t appear like you’re hiding something. You should be proud of the cookies containing no animal products.

There’s no fairness involved when enslavement, torture and slaughter are on the table – any table, anywhere. Dairy farms and slaughterhouses need to be eliminated, not given equal space to exist and flourish for profit or not. The money doesn’t really matter; it’s about the cruelty – the horror, the terror inflicted for pleasure. It tastes so good is not a valid reason to kill someone.

I thought girl scouts knew how to bake. Animal-free is easy. If the bakers can’t do it, you’re using the wrong bakers. Search for new ones.

Be Prepared was the motto when I was a girl scout.

Be prepared to change your mind about old, harmful traditions.

ARTICLE: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/girl-scouts-debut-cookie-inspired-131000647.html

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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