Gardein Ultimate Chick’n Nuggets

Serves 3 good-size portions. Steve, me and the dog.

Lilly Belle Pi loves gardein chicken nuggets – that’s what she equates with chicken, leaving the apostrophe in. It’s gardein’s version of chicken, not the slaughterhouse version of chicken.

I know, I know one has to satisfy the urges of slaughterhouse people wanting to slaughter words too. It’s too bad idinit’? What people do to words. Or what, they sue you and put the good word and the good food out of business? To what lengths will people go? They kill dogs too, pets. They did it to my own family, so I’d know how they feel. Well, the guy who did it didn’t live long, not by my hand did he die, but the hand of well, “first you kill the animal, the the animal kills you, slowly but surely”. In this case it was sure and fast.

I say these gardein nuggets texture like white thigh meat.

Although the package instructions don’t include stove-top pan-fry, that’s exactly what I do.

Pan-fry in 2 Tablespoons oil – I used extra virgin olive oil. Cook from a frozen state, which means a little longer. Be sure to turn and cook all sides. Test one to make sure the animal-free meat textures as you like, just like you do with animal meat. I like some char on mine.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce. This time I used daiya Blue Cheeze Dressing mixed with Mild Buffalo Sauce to taste. Sprinkle with dried dill weed.

Last time I used Grey Poupon Mustard with all-tree maple syrup. Mix and serve as an alternate dipping sauce.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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