Impossible King Burger

Steve brought home two IMPOSSIBLE KING BURGERS – one with cheese, one without. His and Hers. One Impossible burger on a bun with mustard, ketchup, onion, pickle.

I tore a tip off a corner of the orange/yellow cheese to see what animal cheese tasted like these days. It was so thin, yet still stayed in one piece that one had to wonder what else besides animal milk did this cheese made for Burger King contain?

Frankly, animal-free plant cheese tastes and textures more like the animal cheese of old, than the present day animal cheese. The food engineers had to manipulate the contents and formula to create a slice of so-called animal cheese that bends but doesn’t break, and softens but doesn’t melt on the burger.

Maybe because this Impossible King Burger was flame broiled, it tasted and textured more like an animal burger, more reminiscent of Impossible Meat than the Original Impossible made for Burger King that deflated the opinion of most who tried it, maybe intentionally done to prove to the world that animal tastes better than animal-free?

Maybe that first Impossible burger I had at Burger King was micro-waved, even though I requested flame broiled. In Cleveland, they tend to give you what they want to give you, not what you order, based on their convenience.

Who knows except them. I can only conjecture with seeds of their truth added to my own experience.

I don’t even know if the bun was animal-free. These days and really any day, pandemic or not, restaurants will trick you into buying what they think you want even when it isn’t what you want.

“Oh sure, it’s vegan”. How many times have I heard THAT? Too many to count. How many times have I heard that gluten-free is the same as vegan? You’d be surprised at the level of ignorance regarding product ingredients from the management to the servers.

Still, it tasted good to me. Even with all the formula manipulations it tasted more like Impossible, than Burger King. And that’s what I was looking for – not a plant burger that tasted like a Whopper, but a plant burger that tasted like Impossible.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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