No-Talk Cooking Shows


No Talk Cooking Shows

I’m getting hooked on Korean cooking demonstrations on YouTube.

Nobody talks.

Now when I turn to another cooking show with talking, it’s a turn off.

Why do vaudeville slapstick when cooking? Is that a thing from the past that no one can forget so it stays in fashion?

Get rid of it. In these Hollywood type shows they make the cook the focus instead of the food. It’s like the chef is saying pick me – selling themselves instead of the dish.

That’s the future. No talk cooking shows.

No faces even.

Wow. That is IT.

Only problem? I’m running out of Korean shows.

Need more of Asia no talk shows.

Classy. I’m inspired by their skills.

Maybe no talk in America can’t happen because American chefs have no skills to display.

I don’t want the chef to put on a show for me. I want the chef to demonstrate their cooking skills. Hands not faces talking.

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