It AIN’T ANIMAL-FREE if it came from the flesh and blood of animals or animal cells


RE: ANIMAL-FREE LAB CELL MEAT by Sharon Davies-Tight, the Animal-Free Chef

If it comes from an animal it’s not animal-free. They (the people using the word to call their animal product animal-free) need to ditch that name before someone takes them to court over it.

You still need to keep stables of animals to garner their cells. The rich people will get the real cow (grass fed supposedly, while giving up their cells to grow them in a laboratory separate from the body of the target animal) and the poor people will get the laboratory cell meat. IT IS NOT, NOT ANIMAL-FREE.

You know, it’s like vegans calling eggs and dairy vegetarian. Neither comes from vegetables, but they persist in the lie, just because it’s a word someone made up when it was too difficult to go without milk and eggs, so asking vegans might not get a truthful answer.

ANIMAL-FREE doesn’t have to be all plants, but it cannot contain animal, any part of the animal, that is used to grow animal meat in a laboratory from the cells of the animal.

TELL THE TRUTH and there will be no ambiguity.

CALL the CELL-DERIVED product SOMETHING OTHER THAN ANIMAL-FREE. Truth be told, animal eaters will flock to it knowing the foundation is the animal, all animal with no grass, soil, weed, mold running through the blood in the veins, plus any organ can be replicated by adjusting a few molecules. It’s about as clean as clean gets on the grounds of animal agriculture – growing, not raising animals – actually both.

The founders already know what they’re doing won’t fly if they call it something it isn’t. Debating it won’t alter the truth. Debate is meant to sway facts, which means accept that which should not be accepted.

CALL IT WHAT IT IS raises revenue in this instance. People want ‘made from scratch’ everything. CELL-DERIVED animal grown meat 100% plant-free.




Make all FIVE options apply.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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