Flavonoids And Animals

Sharon’s Opinion: After searching the internet for charts showing the multitude of foods containing flavonoids one thing that stood out startlingly clear is that animals were not on the flavonoid menu. The charts either were too small to read or they were not downloadable to Word Press.

All I did find was this: “Flavonoids demonstrate antioxidant, antimicrobial and other bioactivities. Dietary flavonoids may improve livestock live performance and meat quality. Growth, feed efficiency and health most improved under stress (heat, disease). Most notable effects on meat, on fatty acid composition and oxidative stability.”

The use of dietary flavonoids in meat production: A review


So, other animals have to be fed flavonoids as does the human animal. However, to think you’re getting an adequate flavonoid intake by eating animals is disingenuous, alarming and inaccurate. After all, why would the raise-to-slaughter industry be concerned about longevity or dementia in the young animals they slaughter for your plate? They are not.

They want to keep the slaughter on your plate by fooling you that eating flesh and blood is as good as eating plants, as long as you feed that flesh and blood some fruits and vegetables and nuts? They actually feed cattle nuts? They feed them garbage. In other words they seek to process flavonoids through the animal to your gut, so you’ll keep eating animals. Bottom line. That must mean that eating humans that are fed flavonoids will provide non-human animals the flavonoids that non-humans need?

Since human and non-human animals who humans consume all require flavonoids for long, healthy life, how did feeding the animal what it needed help the animal? It didn’t. The non-human was murdered anyway. Now, not only for the flesh and blood, but the flavonols too?

That leads to the next obvious question. Are dead or slaughtered humans ground up as feed for non-human consumption?

Does the massive supplement industry grind up animals given flavonoids, put them in capsules and sell them as flavonoids? All those dog crushing trucks rounding up stray dogs to crush them alive? What do the workers do with the crushed alive material? They sell it to somebody. Who? And for what purpose?

ARTICLE: Brett Arends’s ROI [return on investment] of MarketWatch fame writes:

Eating these simple foods may slow Alzheimer’s by a third

Published: Dec. 16, 2022 at 5:05 a.m. ET

New research shows that people who ate certain foods were less likely to get dementia.

Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab has gotten the headlines recently. But it’s not the only good news on the dementia front. Far from it. Some might even say we’re making as much progress, or more, outside the drug labs as inside.

I’ve already written about the power of walkingcrosswords, and meditation to lower your risk of dementia. Now comes some fresh research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago that is terrific news.

A long-running and detailed study of nearly 1,000 elderly people has found that those who ate certain foods in their diet—those that contain certain natural compounds known as flavonols—were less likely to get dementia. Seriously less likely…

FINISH ARTICLE: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/eating-these-simple-foods-may-slow-alzheimers-by-a-third-11671158826?siteid=yhoof2

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