Insect Goo On Your Fruits, Vegetables, Candy

Is Insect Goo An Allergen?

The insect laden wax that candy, produce and other food companies use to coat thus preserve their product may be what’s making you sick, not the sugar as so many claimed in the past, specifically scientists.

Why did it take so long to expose? Because India, the so-called vegetarian people who claim eggs and milk to be vegetables were selling it cheap and it worked? Or because now India claims insect goo to be like milk, vegetation? Or because you can’t prove that it’s an allergen? Then why put allergen labels on milk, nuts and seeds and trees? Don’t ‘lac’ insects thrive on branches and twigs? They go down with the tree anyway?

The goo from lac insects is used to make confectioner’s glaze; another term used is shellac. Is that the same goo made to use as a furniture glaze to protect the wood after it is stained with colorant? Yes, I can answer that.

Do the companies that use it put on the product label that it is an allergen or produced in a facility that uses lac insect goo? No? Why?

Because no one tested it to see if it was an allergen? Our children are eating these candies laden with lac insect goo and nobody cared to check if it was safe, because India said it was? The people who think eggs and milk are vegetation. That means animals are vegetables. Those people.

Recently, Impossible foods tried to get a permit to sell its product in the United Kingdom and were refused saying there wasn’t enough research – regarding the soy nodules, yet every other part of the plant is considered safe, not the root though. So what do they do with the roots? probably feed them to animals, then humans eat the animals. Yet, they didn’t object to using and hiding the insect goo as a coating for fresh foods unbeknownst to the consumer.

Ever try to wash that wax off the apple or cucumber? You can’t. It doesn’t dissolve when washed. That means you eat it with every apple, pear, orange etc. green pepper, eggplant, cucumber etc.

Your raw and cooked vegetables just became an animal product. When you applied it.

If someone is allergic to tree nuts, they may also be allergic to the insects that attach themselves to those trees as their habitat. Whoa. “several varieties of soapberry and acacia trees and particularly on the sacred fig, Ficus religiosa, in India, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and elsewhere in Southeast Asia”

Time to take another look, wouldn’t you say? Since insects are tiny animals, I’m going to file this under meat allergies.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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