Plant Based Can Be A Contradiction

Plant based designations give a lot of leeway in categorizing products based on ingredients. It can mean a product contains all plants or foundationally plant with some animal.

If I make an animal based marinara sauce, it also has tomatoes in it, so it can be called plant-based or animal-based. I can make a broth of bones, then throw away the bones and add all veggies, making it animal-based, but it can still be called plant-based.

Plant-based is a cop out for the food industry.

Plant-based can be a contradiction if it contains animals, yet be justified by those claiming the product contains mostly plants. Then again, a 100% plant-based product can also be deceiving, if it contains ingredients that are neither plant nor animal.

I’ve seen vegan supplements in an animal product capsule containing gelatin made from bones of animals. I’ve seen animal products in a veggie capsule.

Jimmy Dean sells a plant-based burger with egg white in it. The cover box and ingredient list was designed to make the buyer think the product, the whole product, was plant, when in fact it wasn’t. That huge PLANT-BASED PATTY lettering strikes the brain as all plant, when indeed it is not.

When looking at the ingredient list: the bun, the patty, the spinach patty, all contain animal products. So, either they were simply trying to fool the public into thinking their sausage product was made from plants or they think milk, cheese, egg whites, honey are plants.

It’s the most confusing labeling I’ve ever seen on any product that boasted with huge letters on the box that it was PLANT-BASED.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that 1. animal-free 2. contains no animal products and 3. contains no animal are the most reliable designations for ingredient labels. However, one must be sure that a percentage of animal in any product does not become an acceptable process by design. Clean the damn vats between use with animal vs no animal products at the manufacturing level.

People will stop buying anything that isn’t essential because of your corrupt manufacturing methods that put the buyer at risk as the seller benefits from their ignorance. You played that game too long. You all know what happens next.

Insects are animals, milk, eggs, honey, blood, flesh, bones, secretions are all animal products that involve discrimination, enslavement, torture and eventual slaughter.

The people claiming to be plant-based are taking lessons from the vegetarians who claim eggs, milk and honey to be plants, otherwise why would they continue to call themselves vegetarians? Imagine all of India not being able to call themselves vegetarians. Even that’s a lie. They eat plenty of animal meat, but the aura they project to the world is mixed with flesh and blood. And they know it. Otherwise they wouldn’t hide the consumption of animal products beneath the rug of vegetation.

another article on the topic I published in 2018

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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