Europeans More Receptive To Plant Fast Food Than Americans

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Sharon’s commentary: When sales suddenly plummet, fast food giants will be bewildered. We gave the people what they wanted, now they cut and run. No, no, you didn’t give them what they wanted, you gave them what the Slaughter Industry wanted, that then used Madison Avenue to trick them into thinking they wanted something they didn’t. That’s you – you are the Slaughter Industry – you want the animal-free meat to fail – you grew too accustomed to huge profits and living the high corrupt to the bone existence you call a life.

The world is going ahead of you, and once again America flys without a net thinking they’re too big to fail. Not in this pandemic world you’re not – in fact not in any world you’re not – who convinced you that you were too big to fail? I figure you can figure that out on your own.

What are you afraid of besides losing your shirt selling dirty diseased ridden vaccine infused antibiotic fertilizer blood flesh and bone machines as the preferred American diet?

Only you can answer that. Everybody else already has. Follow the trend and you’ll land in a good place.

Why do you keep making Europeans your taste testers? You’re not so meek when you’re slaughtering all those defenseless animals. What’s up with that?

Still…there’s a good place to land and you know where that is. If you’re not behind your own product, it won’t sell. If you introduce a plant meat item it had better be one that you would eat and that you would recommend to the entire planet. Expect failure otherwise. Expect also that entrepreneurs will open their own animal-free fast food operations and it won’t take decades to climb those ladders to success. In fact, plans are already underway. Hadn’t you heard? The government is giving you a chance to convert. I’d take it in a heartbeat.

Fowl-free: McDonald’s debuts plant-based McNuggets


This image released by McDonald’s shows the McPlant plant-based burger and and the new plant-based McPlant Nuggets. The nuggets will be available along with the burger at McDonald’s restaurants in Germany starting Feb. 22. (McDonald’s via AP)

(AP) – McDonald’s McNuggets are going fowl-free.

The Chicago-based fast food giant is introducing plant-based McNuggets next week. Germany will be the first market to get them.

McPlant Nuggets – made from peas, corn and wheat with a tempura batter – are the second product McDonald’s has co-developed with Beyond Meat, an El Segundo, California-based maker of plant-based meats. McDonald’s has been selling a McPlant burger since 2021. Chick-fil-A testing first ‘plant-forward’ sandwich: Here’s where to try it 

McDonald’s said the nationwide nugget rollout to more than 1,400 restaurants in Germany follows a limited-time test at nine restaurants in the Stuttgart area in August. McDonald’s will also start selling the McPlant burger in Germany next week.

Availability of the McPlant nuggets and burger in future markets will depend on customer demand, McDonald’s said.

European customers have generally been more receptive to McDonald’s plant-based meat products than those in the U.S. The McPlant burger is now a permanent menu item in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria and the Netherlands. Last month, McDonald’s rolled out the Double McPlant burger in the U.K. and Ireland.‘McCheapest’: Big Mac prices vary significantly at McDonald’s restaurants across US, according to new site 

But in the U.S., McDonald’s ended a test of the McPlant burger last summer without announcing any future plans for its sale.

Beyond Meat began selling plant-based chicken in U.S. groceries in 2021. It has also co-developed plant-based tenders and nuggets with other chains, including KFC and Panda Express. TAGS MCDONALD’S MCNUGGETS PLANT-BASED FOOD

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