Macadamia Animalia


MyMy: Italian French Asian Sauce – all-in-one!

A boldly delicate, yet rich and smooth cream sauce with fragrant animalia overtures and undertones. No suffering here or memories other than what’s warm and tender to the nose, not the palate!

Yes, if you’ve ever eaten a human animal, the memory will return with this his trans her non-violent, animal-free delicacy! Go ahead, test me. Follow the recipe for best results. No substitutions. You wanted the best, didn’t you? Here it is. Be my guest!

Everybody wants to know what a human tastes like? Many people in the world already know. Some very rich, eccentric people. Some not rich at all. My goal is to prove I can make an animal-free human flavor. I nailed it as usual! No I’m not bragging; just not all that impressed once the novelty wore off – an animal’s an animal!

Guess that’s what keeps me…

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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