“How’s Your Ham Hanging” is the saying – update


A woman appearing to luxuriate, or could be drugged, as a piece of meat, ham specifically on a slice of bed ops bread, one woman, one blanket slice, then she’s piled on by a bunch more pig slices (a gang of them), aka pork. Then topped with let us, ops lettuce, then a tomato and a tooth prick.

And/or, Woman sleeps with Oscar Meyer

And/or, Woman blanketed by Oscar Meyer Ham.

And/or, Hmm Oscar Meyer protecting woman with a bunch of Pigs from hungry Jews.

Did you SLEEP TIGHT pig-eaters of yesteryears?

No harm no foul or fowl?

Not to worry – Oscar Meyer makes safe sleep claims for all its female humans with comforting pig blankets. Woman-In-A-Pig-Blanket.

Or are those male blankets covering those unsuspecting human females with their animal meats? What, no male humans on the sandwich? Oh, those are the pigs? I get it.

Thought vegan ads were banned on sports shows. Can’t show suffering of the animal. The human female is luxuriating in that sandwich. No suffering there – at first glance, that’s what’s showed up front anyway. It looks like she’s been drugged and dropped onto a bed to be ravaged by a bunch of pigs. Against her will. That’s suffering.

Pigs are animals and so are humans; they’re both on the sandwich supporting/encouraging human cannibalism.

And/or HUMANS ARE ON THE SANDWICH, thus in the meats sold by Oscar Meyer. Why else would they be there?

What is Oscar Meyer clandestinely telling the world? ‘This is what we do to women who refuse to eat animals? We drug them with rape drugs then sell them to the world for a pile on? She lets them? Happy Dreams And Sweet Dreams.

Oscar Meyer doesn’t show you how the pig blanket was made. Looks like they teamed up with LIZZY BORDEN being bad CLAIMING COWS CAN’T BE HAPPY unless they’re slaves in 24/7 PAIN.

Didn’t LIZZY start it all?

Whatever happened to her anyway?

Oscar Wild want to be bad – so tucks trans gender human animal-eater family member safely beneath processed dead pig. 

What’s the pickle represent being tossed? The cops showed up.

We have your back. 

Whoever made this ad was on something. It lends itself to too many interpretations – too many innuendoes – all bad.

Too many sexist hints, sexual exploitation of women, projects crimes against women in the subversive messaging. Pile on while she sleeps?

Eating a ham sandwich describes a “well-used vagina”.

“How’s Your Ham Hanging?” What one guy says to another.

“Keep It Oscar. HAM BED” What’s a ham bed anyway?

This ad is a not-so-well-masked advertisement poking fun at crimes against women – children see this.

If it works on the subconscious mind, then it’s subliminal.

Oh, I almost left out – there’s a pounding whooshing sound as the other hams pile on her. Arrest the tooth prickers.

add-on: The pickle pops off the sandwich (pulls out). Where’s the mayonnaise? The pickle leaves no evidence.

The cops leave.

OSCAR MEYER GOES TOO FAR – way out of bounds – you listening Wall Street?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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