The Madison Avenue Lock and Locks

The Madison Avenue Locks bombed according to this observer.

Most copycat behaviors are not consciously or conspicuously copycatted.

Someone sees something they like and next thing they know they have it or are doing the same thing, whatever that thing was that they liked.

They may not even remember that they saw it a while before they obtained it, or started it.

Madison Avenue depends on copycatting behaviors to sell products. It’s their lock.

It’s a lock because a lot of it is subconscious.

It’s not one person deciding whether they need something or not, then another deciding and another.

Copycatting isn’t individualized.

It’s communal. That’s why it’s a lock. It almost seems as though everybody decides simultaneously.

If I never saw a hula hoop advertised, but bought one, then years later went halfway across the country and discovered they used hula hoops too, then absent advertisement how did it happen that I copied a behavior? In a sense I didn’t.

Manufacturers put them out into stores simultaneously and simultaneously everyone bought one who wanted one resulting in a landslide of people, simultaneously throughout the land, without any advertisement – none that I saw.

I saw it first in a store and then the tidal wave happened, because somebody saw to it that they were in all the discount department stores where the working low middle classes shopped – and that was a lot of people. 

On the other hand, when a movie star wears their hair a certain way, teenagers will copy what they saw – across the land. Ethnicities and races, genders copy across lines. Why wouldn’t they? Somebody recently, the British probably, made it a hate crime by public decree for a white person to wear dreadlocks. I don’t know what to call that.

I suppose then it’s a hate crime for black people to straighten their hair to look like white people. Maybe the British secretly think they’re above black people, so subconsciously attach racist labels to any other white person who copies the fashion of black people, thinking they’re making fun of them.

They got that one wrong – people never diminish people using their own hair to do it – unless maybe the British do that in Britain, then I say keep the other European white people out of it. It’s normal to copy, to want to look like somebody else. 

The British expose their own prejudice and perceived superiority by putting other white people into humiliation jail for copying black people calling it cultural appropriation. I thought the British were the ones in favor of standardizing everyone’s behavior patterns; why then would they call out people when they copy one another? Aren’t they the ones who colonized ninety percent of the world for the common good, the common wealth? Black people copy white people all the time.  

I recently saw a pizza commercial by Papa John’s with a dark skin person being shown upside down in what looked like two braids or pigtails appearing to dip her braids into the pizza. I just glanced at it as I was leaving the room. YUK is all I thought. If Papa John’s wants to sell pizza, dipping anybody’s hair into it, especially before it’s delivered, and yes the people eating it after it’s delivered too, then I’m not buying, even if I still ate animal products, I’m still not buying.

Call the health department on those low-brained advertisers for violating health codes, setting a bad example on television. What type of pizza were they advertising: PIGTAIL PIZZA? Black pigtail pizza, no blonde or red pigtails need apply?

Why do dark skin African people dangle their hair over an Italian pizza? Looks like culture appropriation to me according to the British definition. Now black people own pizza too? If tables were turned and Chinese people were dangling their straight black hair over pizza to sell it, black people would be enraged. Chinese don’t care who copies them, they copy too. The Brits will quickly point out that there’s no comparison between them and black slavery. Whoa, back up, Chinese slavery conditions were much harsher and longer affecting more people in scope than black African slavery ever was.


The point though is the hair. Hair doesn’t belong on a pizza – anywhere near a pizza. Does this have to do with hair legislation that must have designated that black workers didn’t have to wear hair nets or caps while preparing or serving food? I don’t even know. Every time it was mentioned on T.V. nobody ever described it, only called it hair legislation and how it’s going to liberate them. So now they’re thumbing their noses at proper hygiene by dangling their hair over a home delivered family-friends pizza?

I wonder if it would be so funny if the pizza delivery person opened the box and dangled their hair over the pizza, or if the pizza maker back at Papa John’s did the dangle too, dipping the tips of their pig tails into the sauce before it was applied?

Hey, I didn’t make the ad and I certainly have the right to comment on it when it’s shoved into my face while watching the news on television. It looks like the advertisers are making dark skin people with long braided hair look unsanitary. Any group would agree that hair should not be paired with any food.

Is this going to be a copycat hair trend now? Next thing they’ll be dipping the tips of those tails into dipping sauce? Yeah, maybe there’s sexual connotation going on in that happy black pigtail pizza-eating family-friends group. GROSS.

Kids were in those ads. A expose on bartenders who wear pigtails getting bigger tips than when they don’t wear pig tails implied a little girl and little boy sexual component to it – looks like Papa John’s is into child sexual exploitation. Evidently some men like little boys and girls serving them drinks in a bar.

I thought black Africans wore corn rows, not two braided pigtails. There’s another example of cultural appropriation by dark skin black hair Africans.

So you mean, those Russian women who wear their braids wrapped around their heads are engaging in cultural appropriation? I doubt they ever knew any black Africans when they first started wearing their hair in braids. Neither did the native Americans know any black people before they started wearing their hair in braids. Neither did my auntie from Lithuania who wore her hair in braids wrapped around her head. What difference does it make? None to me, since everybody can do whatever is comfortable, convenient or fashionable with their hair – I don’t care. But oh no, says the British. They can’t and we won’t let them.

Yes you will, says I.

Madison Avenue bombed on this one. DITCH THE AD.

I think the public deserves to know the names of the people who designed and approved that ad. And the networks that are running it – who, in what department, approved it?

Pigtail dynamics

A significant part of pigtail-induced attraction may be attributed to the dynamic behavior of the pigtails. The study of pigtail dynamics is vast and complex. Here, we will only brisk the surface of the subject, by analysis of the physical properties of pigtails, and description of the basic types of motion involved.

When pigtails are applied, the dynamic behavior of the hair is drastically altered. Two important factors play a role here:

  • The (bundled) hairs are forced to move as a whole.
  • The aerodynamic properties of the bundled hairs are completely different from those of loose individual (strands of) hair. Effectively, thousands of individual lightweight hairs, subject to even a slight breeze, are replaced by a single albeit flexible object of much larger mass.

This relatively large mass enables the pigtail to perform a swinging motion. In addition, the drastically increased resistance against deformation gives the pigtail a capacity to act like a spring. These two distinct types of movement will be referred to as swing and bounce respectively.

In other words, they swing like big phallic symbols. So in comes PAPA JOHN’S serving kids pizza advertised with big, long swinging phallic symbols dipping into something – that’s the look: DIP THE PIZZA in the sauce you can’t see. DIP THE PIGTAILS in something you can’t see either.

DITCH THE AD. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around anyone who would apply for a grant to study pigtails and get it approved by the government – any government.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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