Morning Star Meat Lovers Bad Batch

You can see on the package that these were not outdated.

MorningStar Farms The Meat Lovers Burger Plant-Based – bad batch is all I can figure

Steve and I brag to each other that out of all the heavy weight animal-free burgers on the market today, Morning Star keeps coming up as the most popular – with us.

I would have taken a photo if I knew I needed to do a review. Not until I tasted it and it was too late did I recognize that this wasn’t the same recipe or if it was somebody somewhere didn’t follow the recipe – maybe left out some key ingredients.

In any recipe developed for public consumption each and every ingredient is key.

WHO taste-tested this new? recipe? Millennials without texture buds? In a bun and on a plate is all it requires. Not difficult. 

Huge failure convinced both me and Steve that we won’t waste our money buying a product, whereby the most important thing to the company is squeezing money out of what used to be a good then great product. Stop trying to be Impossible or Beyond – it didn’t work.

No matter how long it was cooked, it wouldn’t firm up. We’re you reaching for a steak tartare? If so you probably hit a mark you didn’t count on. Have you ever had steak tartare on a bun? Disaster.

Texture of animal-free meats is more important than flavor. 

When the burger is as soft as the bun it’s a no go.

Fire your tasters; they did you wrong. Replace them with people who can discern texture.

OLD PHOTO OF MORNING STAR MEAT LOVER’S VEGGIE BURGER. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the new burgers. I call them floppy burgers, mushy burgers, too bunny burgers.

Hopefully it was no more than a bad batch, and the next batch reverts back to the recipe we both loved to eat. If not, I’d suggest you rethink your recipe move and stay with the winner you had. I figure I’ll have to wait about a year to get over the sting and actually put out the money for an actual success rather than this current failure that may go on for a while depending on the size of the batch.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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