Why Put The Animal In A Product If Not Needed?

Financially Advantageous

Using animal products not needed in a recipe is financial advantageous, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

If Trident gum can be made without animal products, and some of it is, then why keep any animal products in their other gums?

It’s financially advantageous, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Business is business. Somebody’s paying somebody.

If the whey protein in milk can weaken gluten and prevent the dough from rising properly, then why use whey in breads and pastries? It must be financially advantageous.

Business doesn’t have a conscience, which makes it psychopathic. Money talks and walks and dances too.

So do we pay people to omit the animal products, wherever they are used?


You Boycott.

At Walgreens multipurpose drugstore, they carry Haagen Das and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. Both make a vegan option, but Walgreens doesn’t sell either and I’m tired of asking.

Why don’t they have it?

Probably, the owners of Walgreens invest in slaughter goods, so to them animal-free is the competition that needs to be put down.

What to do?

You Boycott.

Even companies that make a vegan option of whatever it is they sell, are hoping it will fail. So what do they get from the government, that they would make a product they don’t want?

Financial benefits. When it fails, they can say, we tried and it didn’t work. If they had put the same amount of effort into selling their animal-free product as they did the animal-laced product, it probably would have sold. But they didn’t.

They can’t let go of that sure-thing, even though if effort be made, it would increase their overall profit, still they cannot see through the haze of the blood in which they entrench themselves. They’re scared of doing both. Why?

Doing the right thing, might switch off that slaughter light and transform them into something that could bankrupt them – if not in money then in power. They view the vegan way as too socialistic, everybody eats the same animal-free ice-cream.

What do they have now, but the socialism of everybody eating the blood – only it’s called a blood cult vs a plant cult. They still prefer the blood, they just can’t stop selling what is legal to sell. So it’s not about socialism. And plants are legal too, so it’s not about legality. It’s lie that helps them stand their ground, because everybody is doing it. But if everybody is doing it, then there is no need to stand on any ground. There’s another lie.

What if the blood dries up? They’ll find a way to preserve it. That involves a process that needs a lot of investment. So they’re not afraid of losing on investment.

They control the government, so what are they to do, come out and say it’s just as good? Better for all? They control the government, which means they’re dictators. That’s okay with them; at least they’re feeding the world.

Actually the animals they slaughter feed the world. Plants do the same, yet they still say no.

Nothin’s proven yet. So they say and think.

Then one day, that mother that everybody calls nature throws them a curve ball. And then another, and another, and another…

Where’s God when we need him.


The winds are changing, or did you fail to notice those cows and chickens you thought were flying – maybe it was the drink that made you see.

Can you stop the storms?

There’s always tomorrow, or better yet,


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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