CUT & RUN by Sharon


Tired of looking DOWDY in your Sweats? You know, the ones you don’t wear any more? Tired of saving decades-long old sweats thinking you might need them someday during the pandemic due to some strange phenomena that made all your clothes disappear, except for those DOWDY SWEATS!

Don’t have a sewing machine. Do you have a pair of scissors?

Then that’s all you need to make any cut you like, preferably in the soiled or sagging areas.

Make the arms and the bottoms shorter. V the neck for an open-air-breezy experience – even absent the wind!

GET CREATIVE! The sweats won’t mind!

Use the loin cloth over your jeans or sweat pants or leggings – if you dare!

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    Madison Avenue Blocks The Animal-Free Chef For Mature Content, Then Approves F**k Ads On Her Site
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    Upscale Balsamic Peanut Butter Preserves

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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